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good, but not quite gate of the undervault from turn 2 grimes good


Which is not 2 Gates from 1 Grimes good. But everything is ahead.


I stumbled upon a research paper about CCGs and their value in learning while doing some research for my lab. Did you know that NASA partnered with the folks who make the Pokemon CCG to teach kids about DNA and biodiversity?


Meme by @jukeboxery (from this post).

Astral Crusader


hella guiz imma back, any up-to-date deck tier? memes are welcome to, ive heard mecha its a thing again.


Mech/Gate to undervault/Abhorrent unbirth combo is quite powerful


has anyone here played boss monster? how about the expansions? I’m thinking of getting the expansion sets cuz me and friends love the game


No, but I also have thought about getting into it and wondered if anyone could describe it and provide me some honest assessments of the gameplay.


“Spectating” EpicNoMaybeSoFlygon


I’d be happy to! The basics: Starting the game. You pick a “boss” at random, which gives you a bonus ability later in the game. You start the game with a few spells and a few rooms. You build 1 room each turn, and draw a room card each turn. Spells can only be drawn if a card tells you to. Each room has a damage value, a treasure value, and an ability. The main objective of the game is to get 10 souls before your opponents. You get souls by defeating heroes. Each hero is attracted to a different kind of treasure. A thief would want money, a mage would want spell tomes, etc. You try to balance your damage and treasure to create a 5 room dungeon so you can defeat the heroes quickly. However, if a hero has more health than you can damage them for, they “defeat” you and you take a “wound”. If you get 3 wounds, (or 5, house rules) you are out of the game. You have a limit of 5 rooms in your dungeon, and once you reach that you activate your boss’s ability. There’s advanced rooms, which you can build on top of an existing room with the same treasures, to upgrade its damage, treasure etc. It’s pretty fun, and most of the heroes and bosses are references to classic video games (There’s a boss character named father brain). Overall it’s pretty fun, and I’ve heard the expansions make it even better. Definitely worth the 20$ if you have people to play with.


That sounds like a good time! Thanks for taking time to explain the basics. I’ll probably put it on my wish list.


It definitely is! Lots of extras in the expansions too,

if you get the expansions you can play with more than 4 people aswell


Honoured. :joy:


speaking of nefarious schemes, I’m going to be singing “Be Prepared” for a presentation. I’m excited since it’s one of my favorite Disney songs


woah we have people here with talent?


Ikr, so weird. It’s just for a 4-H event though, nothing too big.


4-H you say?

I’m a really strong supporter of 4-H…in West Virginia. We have a great program, though I am biased of course.


what should i side for the melee tomorrow


Fox only, no Items, Final Destination


@isgopet would like to have a word with you…

serious tho