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Doom, the one card you wish you could accelerate. Probably gonna make 2 abyss builds and some mechs (and other cards like crypto, blood of air, lavaslasher)


Doom is my favorite deck in this game (although gate is also great)

my favorite “good” deck is obelysk vet


Haven’t played around with vet, is it expensive?


Wait wait wait, what if I cambine 2 gates with doom and abomination?



too many memes causes them all to fall

doom needs you to build a deck around it because you essentially skip a turn

so you need to reduce it’s cost and have lots of heals

gate needs timekeepers

abomination needs rush

although you could use gate and abomination because gate needs a lot less setup


No you actually do not. There are also orbs which cost diamonds.


Vet’s not that expensive since we don’t need lady aymara anymore

just a few epics


I have 2 stars fury and 2 ankh, what else? Rashas?



Whispers, Trygon, and yeah, Rasha’s.


trygon is not that good

don’t craft it


Ah man, I remember people were losing it when Trygon was revealed…people never would have guessed how unpopular it would be.


cuz removal is a thing, and removal on your big guy you spent all your mana playing hurts a lot more than losing a 2 mana ethereal


I mean it’s not like it costs that much mana though. Isn’t it only 4? Hard removal not named natural selection costs about the same anyways.


right, but it also doesn’t contribute like a fireblaze would, I’d rather play allomancer tbh, clear a minion and then have an obelysk aswell


First game with my Gate/mech/Abomination deck




to be fair ive gotten an abomination that big with mostly wraithlings

fun fact: you can use unbirth twice in a row for what is basically celerity


Anyone tested Auroraboros yet? Just pulled it and i’m already questioning it


i pulled 2 and im stil questioning it
tried playing it, but even with a manaforger its expensive and i couldnt keep a board worthy of using it on


Some more shenanigans from Grimes.

Turn 2