This thread's title has finally been decided on


Alright, thanks.


Just realized I lost against @epicflygon. My deck sucks.


Nah rush abyssian is good!

It was my first match with the deck


is it just me or does the maehv bow emote look more like shes plotting some nefarious scheme

bwahahaha theyll never know it was me

(shes the only one who smiles and the only one who keeps her eye open)

and ilenas suprise emote is hilarious
shes like “uuhhhh, you shouldn’t have, im serious. you really really shouldnt have

please put your pants back on


Crazy idea: I just thought of a way to make an even larger minion than the drogon Vaath or the huge wraithling.


How so? 15 characters


I’ll leave that discoverable (◕‿<) *:・゚✧

Be prepared to shenanigans after my Charlie Chaplain marathon…


…you have plenty of shenanigans right there. :wink:


Mmm… yep. I think I crashed the game


Excuse me, does that say +80/+80 per turn?

God save us all.


You can do better than that. Try getting primal flourish involved, see if it stacks?
Muh bad, I’m blind.


Nope, look at the grow bellow it. It’s 80 + 80x41 + 80x41^2 +…+80x41^41


…so what did the board look like the next turn?


I can’t get to next turn; the game crashed

I’ll try again with fewer SILVERs and see if the game can handle it

Edit: okay, so this method was supposed to make things bigger than my mega-Drogon Vaath, but it crashes the game too often. Duelyst wasn’t made to handle this amount of grow. The game crashes around grow +10^50ish/+10^50ish.

Maybe I should try it with backstab…


you could even say its
beyond the scope of the game


Joseki! Fix your game


Has science gone too far?


Haha ha what the fuck


What to use 3245 spirit on?


abyssian legendary build or doom