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Duelyst text base adventure!


> Put Frodo in pipe


46 Immortal Vanguard orbs and…
6 legends (all the junk ones, laaaaame)
21 Epics (Not bad, but no Mentors)
61 Rares (strangely, I’m missing a lot of rares and but strangely of the ones I do have I’ve mostly got 5+ copies)

Meh, time to go burning spirit for all the cards I didn’t get :frowning:

99 Immortal Vanguard orbs opening

Or, burn your twilight foxes!


Haven’t made it home from work yet…:persevere:

Orbs be waitin’


I’m submitting a bug report about it right now, since it gave my Mechaz0r! to my opponent! I woulda won, too :frowning:


Well… it is called Deciptibot. What else were you expecting? :faiekiss:


That must have really rustled your jimmies.


At first yeah, I was super salty. But when we shared mutual simultaneous Zirix ‘?!’ emotes I just accepted my fate and embraced the L.

They friended me after the match to talk about how confused we were.



BEHOLD, My latest creation!

For those that need an explanation, I used Gate of the Undervault, Metaltooth, and Abhorrent Unbirth to create a massive rush minion to OTK my opponent. It’s a miracle I got this to work on Magmar.


lol, looks like this expansion has a few bugs…


This deck is so fun

you don’t even need abhorrent, just get the gate running


Tfw expansion strikes, everyone’s hyped and you don’t really have time to play :confused:

Lots of cool new stuff though!





How many Gauntlet runs have you done? My best was my first ever run for quite a while in which I somehow got 3 wins.

Since then I’ve just been diving in and learning from every loss. My highest is 5 wins now and I haven’t failed to get at least 3 wins for the last 4 runs.

I just learnt from experience, noticed that I got steamrolled in the beginning and started getting better 2-drops and a better curve. After that I noticed I always seemed to run out of steam in the lategame so I started picking up more lategame bombs instead of focusing so hard on the opening turns and early game.

Best advice I can give is to not take it too seriously as it makes every loss painful instead of a good learning experience.


Is Aegis Barrier still a viable card? I feel like every single deck in the meta relies on spot removal, and it’s really quite annoying.


I think it is, considering the only spell that gets around it has been nerfed


Frostburn? Well, Plasma Storm. :upside_down_face:


i was talking about CC

i forgot about plasma

and the new magmar spell

but eh

its still good