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Eh, for a 2/2 4 drop, it’s not worth running. It will help you push out that one big structure you’re trying to build, but probably not the same turn you play it. It’s such a huge waste of mana that unless the structure is super important (like the abyssian gate), it’s going to cost you too much to bother playing.




= (insert salt)


All the more reason I’m glad Revenant got nerfed. But this just goes to warn people, if your opponent equips this artifact at 7 mana, you’re in deep trouble.


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you were saying???

big game winning structures are literally all the build units (with build higher than 1) are
free ironcliffe a turn early in lyonar
its even a multi-minion reactivator in songhai


I mentioned the Abyssian Gate. The others I don’t consider worth running Timekeeper for.

I’d make an exception for the Lyonar buildling if playing Timekeeper makes him into a Guardian. The vanilla 10/10 is not worth risking getting a 4 drop dead draw. The Songhai 3/1 can be strong, and could result in combos… Maybe that’d be worth while, but still… a 2/2 for 4 is just eeeeeeehhhhh.


opening gambit activates before the minion summons (with a few exceptions for lavaslasher and such)
so it stands to reason that monument into timekeeper the next turn would turn it into an ironcliffe for 4 mana

penumbraxx makes a it a great combo piece if you can get more than 1 on the board

hulk is just so many stats they cant deal with so early

and gate is impossible to remove

add that with abyss and magmar ramp and those get built REALLY FAST


That’s the idea. I’m assuming this works. I’d still only run Timekeeper as a 2 of at most in a build deck, though. Even for the Abyssian one.


Thanks @Ryvirath :yum::kissing_closed_eyes:


I reached 1200 gold. How much should I use on the new expansion?


I don’t know the number, but it is the same as here otherwise.


its gonna be rotated out so

it’s thanatos’s fault


you did this

also i wanna include 3 of the portal thing, hide in a corner and build them, then I only lose to 8gates cuz they can’t die or transform


And then they surround you so you cant do anything and get milled to death


but in doom

think about it


I am not sure why I didn’t notice earlier…

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Impervious Giago is adorable.


Does anyone know what to do if someone gets an “unable to validate SSO request” message?

I’ve been trying to f̶o̶r̶c̶e̶ convince a friend to join the forums and they keep getting the message.


more than 4000?


patch wen 15char


if you get three out then you are gonna win faster than doom can