This thread's title has finally been decided on


wait 35 orbs was only 10$?



Well $10 can’t be extracted from steam, through the bug since I can’t buy less than $15


Everyone who was part of Doom support died 3 days later mysteriously :thinking:


i get it


who do I talk to for doom support?

who makes the cards?



@Ryvirath i suggest.

sibon happened to mention that he would take bribes, maybe the other devs would too.



how do i bribe without money


There’s an entire team of people that make cards (Joseki has never been the sole card-maker)

What kind of support are you looking for?


impossible, you gotta show them your paypal.


Impending Doom
2 Mana

Opening Gambit: If you do not have Doom in your action bar, draw it. If you do, decrease its cost by one.

Alternatively just make it one or the other

that’s all I want



i think what they need is

9 mana

skip your opponents next turn.


They had that, it was old time maelstrom


Fixed that for ya


Happy Cakeday, @boronian!


you already used that gif

tell the team I’ll win the DWC and request them to make a card of that


ok then

9 mana

if you haven’t attacked this turn; skip your oppenents next turn.


Sounds good


It should be called
"Galaxy doomer"


Thanks a lot isbee :smiley: Apparently I registered for reddit and the forums at the same day. Only because of Duelyst :slight_smile:


where is this from? I feel like its from artix team