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Ouch… Spirit?


A bit of self promotion: Competitive Decklist Initiative

If you have a competitive list, DM me.


it will be the meta for all of 2 days before it completely changes


Wait, I just completed this random achievement… And got 100 gold. Wow, that makes it 1055 gold. That’s the most I’ve ever saved up to. Probably won’t get any legendaries though.


Yeah, theres a bunch of achievements that give you free stuff. Theres a list of them on steam (not sure where else) that you can look at and they are pretty easy to do if you know what they are


I just did the World Explorer achievement. Should I grind Spectral Revenant? It’s a great card and all, but I don’t think i’ll play Abyssian.



In all honesty, if you’re going to play Abyssian and you’re going to play to WIN
Yes, you should craft them. Just understand you are a terrible person if you do. No offense :slight_smile:


If you dont play a faction, dont craft their legendaries
Simple as that
I would also hold of on crafting anything for the next few days if not a week or 2 since everything is going to change and i guarentee theres gonna be 2-3 broken cards that youll have to play to get anywhere on the ladder.


hey @thanatosnoa

who do I get in touch with for some doom support?

Magmar - Seismoid Card Reveal

Would like to know the answer to this as well.

Actually, nvm. Spinecleaver has enough support


I’m thinking of making a meme deck video (flying serpenti)

should i put all star in the background?


I’d suggest Eurobeat

make sure the drop happens right as you give it flying

Gas Gas Gas with Serpenti getting flying right before “DO YOU LIKE MY CAR”


Drifting serpenti?


give me a list of good songs from inital D and I’ll try


Use All star and at the end don’t tip and end the video when he says “we could all use a little change”


Just wanted the structure to be set up.


spoilers wen 15char


is that a variant of wood-wen? But gives hype instead of provoke?




im hype but if they don’t spoil all the cards today you guys might have to start digging my grave


I thought to buy the immortal vanguard orbs since they were so cheap, but buying through steam was a huge problem. Contacted support and they ultimately couldn’t help so back to the grind (and minus 10 dollars)