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Ignore Isbee.

You won’t be bullied, really. There’s just a higher concentration of players trying but failing to get to diamond. A lot of them think they’re hot stuff, but they aren’t.

However, there is a slight increase in emote spam and bm.


Slight… tis true!


My Vaath counter emote lethal wink (and my special Ziran shades) rarely see use, I swear. but ugh more meta decks :frowning:


And that is where the problem lies. Diamond is far worse.


Hey, is everyone still mad about Ragnora or is it mostly just Shidai now?
I’m asking for a friend.

I’m definitely not becoming a Rag main


If you’re doing Ragnora BBS combo decks, yes. Otherwise, have at it.

Also, here’s a meme for ya’ll


My friend runs the tools for the combo, but I-- I MEAN he usually just ends up doing something stupid/memetastic like re-hatching a Young Silithar several times in a single turn.


is this a fluke?

never seen it before… or any 2/25 vanilla minion come to think of it.


That is Valknu, he pops out of an egg if you spend 4 mana on Valknu’s seal assuming your opponent doesn’t kill it before it hatches. He also copies every affect your general has including those from artifacts.


its what shows up when this card hatches

the 2/25 is more a suggestion than what youll usually get out of it


If you play it right, It should be a ∞/10 or something



A successful demonstration of an external combustion engine.


@excogitator Managed to get quite the value out of it.


I think my browser is broken…


Wait wait wait… How the actual fck???


He used the power of Makantor jesus himself to make his valknu super sayan


I mean about the 39 drogons


@excogitator you have that huge ass post laying around somewhere?


I would link it, but that would require me to sift through the old meme thread, and I’m not doing that again.

In short, I used spell copiers to cast multiple Fractal replications and took advantage of the fact that Zureal’s revival effect stacked. (2 zureals = revive everything twice)


Only managed to save 900 gold for the expansion… Feels bad.