This thread's title has finally been decided on


They’re keeping tabs on us, clearly. Some of us are more obnoxious or unruly than others, and must be monitored/punished. I’m looking at you, Isbee.


I noticed i have it too
It might be what goves us the badges like
Or even the coveted
Maelrawn was here


It’s our special little notebook to separate the good memers from the bad players.

Actually I have no idea, never used it


Who would I ping? Maeldrawn?


Shh… Let sleeping Aloe Vera lie.


Do we want another must or dust thread?


I’d say wait until the week is over. Saturday morning should be fine. I think we’re still expecting one more streamer reveal?


I was thinking in to wait until Thursday and do a whole patch initial impressions or do one more pre patch must or dust first with the Devs to vote.


That sounds good, I like that idea.


Well Tomorrow then. One last speculation thread then a final initial impressions thread.


Can somebody make a meme with Argeon and Brome, with the text “no Bromo”? This expansion needs more puns.


Had a thought. Had to meme. I know it’s early, but I follow my dreams.




fixed that for ya my lord



No Sideshow product placement please!
good meme though


Went on an 11 win streak into gold. Im scared now :cry:


You’ve entered the first tryhard zone. Make your way to diamond to experience true fury.


Ive never done it this fast. usually ill be in silver until i really try for gold. will i be bullied?


You will not be bullied…

shh…don’t tell him he will totally be made to feel less than human


Did I type that in blurred spoiler?