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Shes also a pirate!!!


I spent a lot of time unlocking Ciphyron, only to realize I don’t have the parts needed for Sabotage/Thief Vets.


Is this you?

(At 14 minutes 48 seconds, $50 donated by degenerator)


Got some snow last night in Finland :stuck_out_tongue: (in case you’re wondering, this is not common at all this time of the year).

Buses are still running summer tires, so mine was 25 minutes late (in a city), currently stuck on the road. Fun times :smiley:


What :smiling_imp:


Dang! That sucks.


Just had probably the weirdest match I can remember.
Guy was playing Healyonar.
Turn 1 Celebrant. I have nothing to play at all, so I just move forward & end my turn watching on 4 mana tiles.
Instead of making some unreal powerturn, he True Strikes his own Cryptographer and lets me get 2 tiles next turn. Buffs my Desolator to 6 damage and attacks him. Heals me, buffs my Husk to 8 HP and runs into him.
And like on turn 6 I win practically doing nothing.
To me wondering WTH was that he replies that we shouldn’t be so antagonistic in this game & should be kinder to each other.

That was weird but cool.


Sounds like the guy I had a fun match against, was also playing Lyonar, had put all 1 mana drops in the game in his deck, told me he wanted to only play with cards he normally didn’t play with.


I only recognize makantor and tusk boar… who are the other two?


Saberspine Tiger and Revenant.

They’re all Rush minions.


Don’t you go there


Really need to be reminded how is @thefirstgokun ?


Thats the most bat shit insane looking submissive I have ever seen.


Where is this from? First time seeing this skin.



It’s from twitchcon.


So I guess it’s limited and no longer attainable?


Well yes, unless they give out codes, chances are you will be able to get it by doing well in DWC.


DWC? And tnx for the info.


Duelyst World Championship


Guess I’ll disappear once more.