This thread's title has finally been decided on


I know, it’s an add on ability, but ain’t a default bubble, now it’s a captain murica shield


Weague uv wegendz


You on Xbone?



Nawp, PCmasterrace


Destiny 1.


do not work


Once you build your own gaming rig, there’s no going back. PCmasterrace




Kool beans
15 char


Currently playing Hellywood and I’m going to have a cyberpunk (the style, not the actual game) oriented campaign in “a near extinction event” background where we all play members of an investigating task force from DHS.

If you want to know/chat more, let’s switch to PM, I don’t want to fill this thread with stuff that only interest both of us, would be boring, stupid and disrespectful :wink:


who does that? They should be ashamed


Do not give me an opening to begin that rant.




No, Isbee’s just a wannabe hipster. Gotta go all out to impress people with obscure things. It’s the cool thing to do.

@nwardezir is ancient.


Just interested, I don’t play rpgpnp’s myself, although it seems pretty cool.


Like my strange collection of turtle stuffed animals?

I have a lot


Neither turtles nor stuffed animals are obscure. What you have there is an unusual fetish, I believe.


Don’t judge me m’lord, for everyone is strange when you look hard enough.




This is the internet, my friend. All are strange and all are judged. It is inevitable here. Relax, however, and revel in knowing you are among kin.


If you capture live animals and stuff them with turtles, I must admit that’s pretty weird.