This thread's title has finally been decided on


Yes let us move on from this…

And quote it often in the future


What RPGpnp’s do you play then?

(just curious)


God, some people just can’t spell




Ima go make myself feel better by playing vanarcanyst.

Look what you have done


I’m confused by what definition of dummy you meant…

a model or replica of a human being.
"a waxwork dummy"
something designed to resemble and serve as a substitute for the real or usual thing; a counterfeit or sham.
“tests using stuffed owls and wooden dummies”

create a prototype or mock-up of a book or page.
“officials dummied up a set of photos”


Who hurt you when you were young?





the internet.


You are a substitute. Clearly you are not an original human being or the prospect of playing Vanarcanyst would have gone against basic human dignity. Also, I must admit, you serve as an exceptional substitute to a punching bag in the verbal sense.


image vs image

Who will win?


The perfect opportunity!!!


I have done nothing mortal fool. Do not presume your mistakes to be mine. I will not have you attempt to place the blame of the repercussions of your pathetic attempt at coping upon me.


I’m done

15 Char


If you mean in an attempt to destroy your self-esteem, I’d say it’s a win-win.


What does this mean


Show me on the pillow where the internet touched you.

(On a related note, I haven’t been keeping up with the forums’ “meta narrative,” but am I still possessed by the pillow and have to make weeb-like comments -desu?)


Speaking of pillows, what happened to @overcharge?


he was fully consumed by the darkness, as we all will some day


You mean by the light, right? Right?


Either you learn to wield the light or walk the void. Not really a bad ending either way. Unless the pillow gets to you, then you’re done for.