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damn that building must have took awhile to make.

and yes.


It took over 30 years to complete…so yes. It took a while. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Also, much of the stone work was done by German and Irish master stone craftsmen.


wth is stormcrow?


So it opened when there was still 26+ years of construction needed? Sounds like a government project alright…




Yay! Geography. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


These guys are so rare these days (thankfully) that I just had to post this hilarious one. I totally roasted his Lilithe swarm deck with my Arcanyst Cantrip Lilithe, which was 100% luck of course. So here I am, expecting a fun little talk with a fellow Lilithe player. My 3 times in S-rank look pale and pitiful compared to his respectful highest reached rank of Diamond 2. (this is by no means meant to disrespect those who play only in the lower ranks, meming it out is fun and even recommendable!)


How anything here can be related to ranking ? :confused:
I mean the difference between “Diamond” and “getting into S”, is just patience and time.


and sanity! that’s the most important part!


oh yeah, that guy talks about luck in a really passive aggressive tone after he loses.


I reported a guy cause he got salty after a match cause I flash + Deci + spikes then he spheres my decimus not pinging with Cassyva’s bbs cause a thing that threatens 9 damage every turn is perfectly fine on its own/s then I spiked him for game

He got salty because I was apparently lucky and insulted me continuously


It is NOT just patience and time. Requires some disposable sanity and a distinct lack of dignity to play meta decks.


Yeah, that too, patience, time, sanity, lack of dignity … all comes before so called “skill” or “knowledge” :slight_smile:


I’m guessing using his username against him was beneath you.

In all honesty, what does a person hope to gain with that kind of banter? Do people think their opponents will suddenly turn a new leaf when they get called out?

Maybe it was just the salt talking. I would hope that no one in this community is toxic by nature.


what surprises me most is that they didn’t unfriend you immediately.


Duh, remember Vanarcanyst? Or AggReva? Or TempoLyo? Fun times, fun times…


Nothing really related to ranking per se, I just thought it funny that he thought calling someone a bronze-player was a good insult after losing to a non-meta deck.


Yes I’m not sure if he realizes how ironic his username actually is… I just hope that someone who actually gets upset over this nonsense (which is totally human/normal) sees that post and has a little laugh.


Just realized almost everyone in this thread is all over the duelyst forums… Is this all you do with your life?

If so good for you, but I like to do other things :wink:


yea, imm going to remove it