This thread's title has finally been decided on


It’s not understandable

@excogitator I expect a lecture


Instead of eggs it would be balls

Also it would be don’t not doesn’t (do not vs does not)

I know enough spanish to understand THAT


It’s called saying no homo before you kiss, It is Perfectly Not OK!


yea someone told me last night about that,


Even then it is still ok


Shhhhh, no its not

jk don’t kare what you be doin to your peoples


It is if you want it to be ok/you like it or are ok with it


I don’t care myself what others do, but I do not like guys if that’s what you’re asking.


n0 not what im asking … This is not mine but just yea in honor of 9/11


Wow you messed that up real bad


O crap lol, i just realized that god dam it 9/11


It’s disrespectful enough to post 9/11 memes, but to get the date wrong too… Tsk tsk tsk.




To the shadow realm


to an insane asylum you silly!


The shadow realm is quite nice this time of year. Filled with creep ready to boom


Never mind, I take it ALL back. The YuGiOh discussion was way better than whatever this crap about balls and disrespectful memes is.


But can it block stormcrow?


We’re going to make you eat those words


Like this one…?
images (14)

…where I will be Thursday and Friday for the next two weeks…running sound for The Rocky Horror Show.