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One of my favorite songs;

Cool it comes with a pic


Shhh don’t check your notifications

This card is so dumb


very good im guessing?


Plz stop atleast me and galaxydueler alternated between posting


@epicflygon Don’t do it, I will give you cookies if you stay silent



15 Character


I’m sorry but I don’t like cookies.


hey flygon do you know of any level 9 dragon synchros off the top of your head? I’m trying to add a really nice monster (level 10 synchro, 4k beater with no cost OPT monster removal) to my extra deck but it needs a dragon and a tuner, I’m trying to get a level 9 dragon besides overload scrap dragon (he needs a scrap tuner) so that I can summon him easily with the 9 and a D/D lamia


or they could be a special summonable main deck

I just need a monster to ladder, I literally need a swirl slime, a random D/D, a lamia, and d/d/d doom king armageddon, which the pieces can be searched.


Here’s a 9 cmc dragon from magic, hope that helps


so just ask them politely if i can summon a card from a different game, then use that same card to meet a cost for a card for the game we’re playing?

so no


Play this;
But replace eldrazi with dragon


wow, i need to get back into magic lol


If you play all prismatic mechaz0r pieces, will mechaz0r be prismatic?


yes you do

15 char


Only the last one played needs to be prismatic


Man these cards are SOOOO dumb all… so stupidly OP. I am glad I quit when I did.

I enjoy playing with cards like these:


Stop hitting me!
You hit me first!


Isbee is talking to himself, quick take him away!


Its not gay if the eggs doesnt touch each others.

PS: not sure if ‘eggs’ its understandable or just a spanish idiom.