This thread's title has finally been decided on


sorry guys, we got carried away

we’ll keep YGO posts here to a minimum


Already asked 2 days ago, they didn’t comply, so I had to solve this little discomfort myself.

Not a big loss I guess when I read all the complaints :wink:


Lolz…glad you all don’t have to worry about me muckin’ the place up anymore…:sunglasses:


Nah you only made this place better

I however plague this land



Now now…don’t let them get to you…I didn’t have any issue with the YGO talk.

Do you recall what I used to post back on the old thread?


I’m sorry but I don’t recall that thread at all, all I remember is the quality memes…

@phayze still expecting the wall of text


Isbee, I promise to work hard to make better posts in the future, so you can unload hearts in better comments than that time I said “Thanks! 15 15 15 15 15”


this is what the last 200 posts look like


Cool! 15 15 15 15 15…:sunglasses::wink:


We need a fixed post for Yu-Gi-Oh! conversations between epicflygon and galaxydueler.


Tadpoles breath water by hiccups. That is adorable and I must share it.


@phayze What have you been typing? monkaOMEGA


Maybe he’s writing a sequel to “À la recherche du temps perdu”


That was only published more than a century ago


I dunno, my phone seems to have glitched out the reply function. No matter tho, I fixed it.


Well that was anticlimactic, glad its fixed though.


Not good enough. I demand a bigger wall of text


And don’t copy and paste it!