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Never ever buy a play set of kaiju 2 at most.


people at my locals don’t know how to buy singles or something they ask me if i have a spare maxx c or kaiju

also, im the scrub with a common maxx c, the starter deck one


O.o O.o O.o O.o
Yes forums this is a complete sentence


also they don’t know how to trade, they wanted to do their deskbot 002, (50 cents) for my 5$ trickstar candina


I use the same Maxx c and terraformings and other staples.


Also it’s structure deck

Holy shit I talk too much.


you mean save for more:


its 30 cents i don’t need to save up


although if you’re talking about buying absurd amounts of them, there’s a guy at locals with 5 binders full of penguin soldiers. FULL

he has over 2000 he told us


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you two need to get a room
a fixed post for yugioh banter


You haven’t been watching a lot of yugitubers have you?







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we will eventually

its just more convenient not to


It’s almost the same amount of effort.
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fine, sandbag with eyes


Thank you, fleshbag with eyes.


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Well, they are still welcome here. We just don’t want the topic drowning in ygo posts between two people.