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You can inch yourself closer to victory, a 2200k beater is tiny compared to 2400k, it also functions as a strike with water front AND then entire true Draco archetype (accept dreiath but nobody uses him) can hit over it.


well, i don’t use waterfront


You don’t have to… It’s amazing in decks like (kaiju) world chalice

They create a massive board, out your master peace, summon Gameceil and say no to everything.


so use their waterfront? that’s a bit situational


No you use your own, Gameceil (and all other kaiju) can be special summoned if they have a kaiju on their side


but you need waterfront to use the effect


I just explained it to you…




Enough with the banter, just shut up and kiss already!



You can remove 2 Kaiju Counters

the only way for the counters is to use waterfront


Play waterfront > kill a bunch of things > kaiju their monster > special summon Gameceil to YOUR side > wave a stop sign infront of your oppenent




I wouldnt mind that… Does @galaxydueler want it… P.s I’m not gay.


I know I was talking about waterfront earlier did you not see.


choose one please


You dont Have to be gay to kiss guys.


but i was saying you needed you needed to run waterfront, so like i said, in my case, kumoungous is fine


It’s fine but all it is, is a poor man’s Gameceil.


which is me, so you’re correct

i mean, buying a playset of kumoungous instead of gameciel also gives you the money to buy


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you’re not actually flagging this are you?