This thread's title has finally been decided on


New feature, it tells you that they are currently typing a response in the same topic.


huh then @phayze and @divinedevek have been typing a response here for a few hours.


It would seem it is not perfect.

or we need to hit the deck; wall o’ text incoming


Many opening gambits should be replaced with bond. Also: Alter rexx this is @epicflygon because I replied to him on a different post and then he mentions me here


It was worth the wait.


Okay, dodged one bullet. Now to see if Phayze is going to rock the boat.


Nope he’s not typing as well.

Or it’s not perfect .3.


Probably a good thing if he stopped typing. I’d have to lecture him about the definition of ‘balance’ should he have chosen to make a massive shit post.


Sorry I don’t understand the meaning behind what’s under the blurred text.

i may be fluent in English, but by god is it hard to understand.


This makes me want to watch the dark knight again. That movie is easily the best superhero movie imo.

We should work together and blow some stuff up


Dearest and most beloved members and casual readers (as well as developers) who perhaps gaze past this poor thread most currently known as “We need a fixed post for the war of the meme thread,” I implore you to give me a moment of your time.

As I have just tried once to use the italics, it dawns upon me that I did not need to click the Italics button to perhaps Italicize said text.

A poll, if you will [poll type=regular public=true]

  • Yes, of course you fool. This is basic. No need for silly buttons
  • No, I also always clicky the buttons. Buttons are love

I need help via mobile @ThanatosNoa


I always just type the underscores _ italics _. I used to type it the hard way, however
[ i ]italics[ / i ] or < i > italics < / i >.


sorry im late, wats cracka lakin atm
picture for attention


God in Heaven, What is that thing?!



world chalice is so boring to play against

normal summon venus, then a bunch of stuff happens and they have 2 firewalls and a bunch of other stuff


Dude your pic came just in time. I was about to post this on this channel, and now you gave me a reason to.
Anyways enjoy.


yeah, the kaiju pisses me off so much


i like how gameciel is up to 8$ while kumungous is only 200 attack stronger and is 1.80$


Gameceil has been 8 for awhile and the difference is worth it. I have it but I haven’t tributed over something with it.


how is the difference worth it