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This thread's title has finally been decided on


I am sure you will ultimately make whatever decision feels right to you. I will support you and respect you either way.


I agree.

We’ll all be with you through this @epicflygon .


I need someone with access to MSpaint or software like that quick. Please.


What do you need


Isgopet has already signed the contract, you’re safe.


You need T2K5’s script to see your own win rate (T2k5’s helper scripts) which isn’t hard to do, just follow the instructions. If you don’t want to do that then you need someone who has you on your friend’s list in-game and they should be able to use the filters and find your win rate.

Its why I downloaded it, to see how close I was to the Lyonar ribbon and see my overall winrate.


I’ve read a lot…


Hmmm this thread is reaching the end of its lifecycle :thinking:


Yeah I have shitty win rates too when I meme around


I have the opposite, I have a shitty winrate when I play meta, but when I play rouge… I well…


Hey there! Been a month or so…how’s life?


Real busy, spring break soon tho (reply to isbee, not sure how that happened)


I figured. Well, glad to hear you are doing well. Be sure to make the most of your break!


So many fun projects, so little time :confused:


the desk im sitting at rn has “anime was a mistake” written in it
under it, it says "you were a mistake"
under that it says “your mom was a mistake”


The desks in my schools science lab just has a ton of obscene or disturbing things written on it.


Sounds like a normal desk conversation.


when does the duelyst twitter spoiler come


…I think I would join in the conversation with
"plz help me i dont have much time left hes coming back plz help me help me help me"


…or better yet…
“Hello, good fellows! One day, sooner than you might imagine, both of your mothers will escape this mortal existence, leaving both of you wondering why you didn’t give her that extra hug and kiss way back when love was all that was important. You will have regrets. You will know the searing pain of silence after the echoes of her voice fade from your memory. I implore you both to seize every opportunity you have in the near future to appreciate the person who carried you inside of her body, kept you safe, and cared for you more than you will ever know.”