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This thread's title has finally been decided on


fuuuuuck, EMPs sprite is so cool.


Also Ironclad definitely!


The 502 error is annoying.



I try to avoid eating meat because the meat industry is beyond unhygienic, god awful for the environment, and treats its workers like shit. I also don’t exactly enjoy the taste, so I’m not really losing out. Ethics is not an issue.


Oh god it’s not dead. Fuuuuuuuck.


holy shit what have you guys done to the forums


ITS ALIVE?!??!?!!!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYE that’s some amazing thing probably i don’t know lol


also do you guys know where i can play this game. i tried the mirror but it’s not working


What the hell is that blasphemy


it’s called namco high… telling you all about it is a long story. but anyway it’s this browser-based visual novel created by bamco, and subsequently shut down because [insert long story here].


it’s not very often that you find a game where you make the cousin from katamari date a galaga ship you know?


What the fuuuuuuu xd



For once thats not directed at me😭


Yeah! Step away from him…



In the olden times people had tests to determine whether or not a thread was a meme thread. One of these was to set it on fire and if it burned it was not a meme thread, but if it did not burn then it was a meme thread!

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Time to venture into a new thread bois (this one is over capacity)