This thread's title has finally been decided on


Image is mine I made it in paint.

Also, remember to respect the big papa: We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

R.I.P. fixed post for duelyst memes
An open letter to counterplay games: The Sequel
Hi every one my name is steve ~~~
Hello, is it me you looking for?
R.I.P. fixed post for duelyst memes
Back to see how it's going
Stereotypical Introduction
M:TG Tactics player trying to find a home
Hello, from Las Vegas, NV!

You idiot, the name was supposed to be The Name Of This Thread Is Still Being Decided On

quick, change it and ill delete this post, this must be a clean thread

excellent, ill delete this and gather some fresh memes

edit: undeleted sucker, who cares, anarchy amirite


what are you smonking marywanoos or sumfing?

Irrelevant 'cuz he delet


Back again FeelsGoodMan


Guess who gets notifs now FeelsBadMan


I expect an arms race of different meme threads vying for the top spot. So the King has been toppled and now the meme war of succession has began!



i look away for 5 MINUTES and the meme thread dies and is resurrected


I approve of this thread title. :sunglasses:

Okay @galaxydueler, it’s finished…I hope I didn’t miss anybody…


You absolutely trashed the last dozen or so posts of the original topic and have the cahones to start the next one with this low quality meme?

What a load of REDACTED.

I’ll be back with what few memes I’ve made once I get home.


We can kill thread in under 2 days if we keep up at this rate.

And yes @longshot405. What are you going to do about it?

as of now only 15 hours to kill thread


Lol. I appreciate that @Ryvirath sniped the final post. He had to police us for so long…


it wasnt just you (you approved of ALL the potential titles)


Yeah duh…:smiley:


Y’know what, I’ve embraced the fact that this is not a meme thread. This is a new dawn for the General Chat Crew, one with less effort and more rambling.


It will always be both to me.


I gave up on you guys actually meming long ago :wink: personally I think this thread should be focused on shaming @thefirstgokun for their terrible jokes


I’m still working on that tribute to the “locked post for duelyst memes”. I’ll post here later.
It’ll give me more time to make it nice.


o damn now i realize that joke has been immortalized in the history of the meme thread


Let’s do the math:

So the thread was up for 5 minutes and had 11 posts at the time of your comment. So that’s 2.2 posts per minute. If we continue at this rate for 2 days, or, 2880 minutes, we would have 6336 posts. That’s about half way through the thread, but it would still be alive. To actually kill it at this rate would require around 3.16 days. That’s about 3 days, 3 hours, and a few seconds.