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This is why you should never concede!

This game was a guaranteed loss for me. With only 1 card in hand and there were no cards remaining in my deck I could have drawn to survive. But watch what happened!


He didn’t lose to you he heard the mighty voice of our Lord and savior he thought he was coming back to earth. Feel bad for that player except you known he’s playing reva

The low key meta of BAITING!

aka the “you played yourself” meme

@sylvermyst, it took me 4 months to realize that redacting their name didn’t help since it said who you played against in the win screen :joy:

I honestly don’t see why this is a big deal, as there was really nothing special that happened. I mean, it’s a reason not to concede, but most of it was due to your opponent being ignorant of your hand situation. I was expecting a lucky topdeck or something that actually showcased making a game winning play.


It’s not a big deal. It’s just funny.

What is with that music? It makes the clip really awkward. Are you trying to show why not to concede or seduce your audience?

p.s. Misplays on both parts. You could have replaced the egg morph and gotten tiger or Makantor lethal since you can BBS + Punch the Groovy Lion.

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All I’m saying is that there’s bound to be some much cooler plays he’s made, and that I don’t see the point of uploading a bad decision from his opponent which led to his victory.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any direct damage remaining in the deck (tiger or entropic gaze), so there was no card I could have replaced into to survive.

The point of this video is, a lot of players instantly concede rather than allow their opponent to kill them when they see there is no way to win.

But sometimes your opponent will literally throw you the game. Even if this only happens once in 500 or 1000 games, a win is still a win.


Truth. My computer crashed during a game once, and by the time I got back…my opponent had conceded! :’) Never give up!

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But imagine how much time you are wasting by playing out the 499 (or 999) games where you don’t win due to miraculous events. You could’ve used all that time to play new games.


@nickDigger It’s true. Which is why even I don’t always follow my own advice here. However, I’ve seen thrown games during a critical time (like the transition to an important rank, or even in a tournament).

The point is you never know when your opponent will throw a game, and it’s sometimes a good idea to allow them the opportunity to do so.

It’s PERFECTLY fine to concede at any time for any reason. Internet white knights, get over yourselves.

A better example would be where a opponent misses lethal on their turn the you win the next. Happens a lot more the ur opponent just conceding from Makantor fear

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