This is one way to shake up the meta


This patch is pretty awesome, we got some interactivity changes and a couple nerfs to ease our frustration. Should feel a little less hair wrenching when your opponent tries to kron you three turns in a row.

The Good:

  • Kron dies to spec blade, oooraaah
  • Zenrui on 6 :^), try those turn 2 juxta + zenrui on my silverguard now.
  • Kara kicks ass and we put the kitty to sleep
  • Siphon less ResidentSleeper

The Bad:

  • Ephemeral shroud dies to skorn? doesnt mean the world of difference but I dont know if it was needed
  • saberspine just a less flexible pheonix fire :frowning: (yes this is bad despite songhai being songhai, it is now flat out worse to pf)

The Ugly:

  • Next time you decide to wailing overdrive a minijax against vetruvian, be sure to spam kissy face for the duration of the game as it never dies. RIP reach.

For now the exciting changes have got me pretty worked up, time to tech vs reva while I run all the +1 +1 buffs :slight_smile:

What are your plans for the new frontier?


I plan to cry a lot now when my Faie midrange is absolutely garbage and has significantly worse matchup vs Reva.


come join the party, I’ve been crying since I found out this morning that my vet deck folds to bloodmoon, shadowdancer, kelaino, any ranged unit, pretty much anything with a useful effect that can sit more than 2 squares from my general.

swapping it for shroud hurts me and it’s not much better


Rip, you can still play a jax based tempo.

its not the end (I think)


Yeah vet has it tough, lets hope they catch a break


Damn, this Siphon Energy buff really hit me :frowning:


Nonsense! With Zen’Rui gone you can run x3 Tethermancers instead. :^]


Yeah, I’m actually considering that. The deck lacks 5 cards now so might as well fill them with Jax’s and Razor’s. I also never played Jax before so it might prove to be fun. Oh well, wish me luck. I’ll need it.


I’m disappointed Kron’s out of the picture; loved the idea of the card. It’s a shame CPG didn’t get how to properly nerf him, but just buckled under the weight of masses crying bloody murder in his direction.