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This is my deck and i want it to share to us


Hi, I have been playing Duelyst for a good time always as f2p player so i don´t have a lot of cards. BUT! I managed to create a Vertruvian dervish deck, which is cheap and i think could be interesting for others players who didnt had a lot of resources and want to play Vertruvian.

The other reason why i share my deck is because i think other player which have more cards and resource could upgrade the power of the deck and i want the opinions for others players.


Upload it to https://duelspot.com/ and share it with even more people :slight_smile:


I’ve got some suggestions in case you wanna try tweaking your deck keeping the Thunderhorn+LitD combo:

  • ditch Divine Spark because it’s bad: there are absolutely better card-draw options cost and efficiency wise (“Golem package”, Inner Oasis, Spelljammer, Sojourner).

  • the combo you are playing could definitely benefit from Kinematic Projection which, in case you weren’t aware, makes Thunderhorn’s damage multiplied on its targets when they’re aligned horizontally (3 enemies=12 damage each). Consider at least adding a couple.

  • granted that THorn, LitD and Accu are not that good any more, you should consider at least replacing some of them or lowering their amount to make room for a secondary win-con in case you can’t manage to play successfully your main one.
    Accumulonimbus in particular is quite bad if you play them 3x and for 5 mana :confused: .

  • consider committing more to the Obelysks/Dervishes or switching to Golems.
    In the first case you can try to establish a stronger board forcing awkward positioning and play your Wind Dervishes aggressively, for example adding Whispers of the Sands or Khanuum-Kha; in the second case you can benefit from a better card draw thanks to the golem Package (Metallurgist, Celebrant, Dream Shaper) and possibly, by crafting some cards like Sirocco and Portal Guardian, have a late game wincon if the T-horn-LitD combo fails.

Here are some untested-BUDGET-quick theory crafted deck ideas for you to try.
Let me know and add me ingame if you’d like to test/discuss :slight_smile: .


I’m going to try the changes, tomorrow, and I’ll tell you the results. Thank you very much for the review and I’ve been playing one year, about 300hs according to steam but I’m a bit bad XD


That’s OK. I’ve been playing for years (3, 4?) but I’m still not that good :joy:

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