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This is gonna be fun, a new orb sale


I browse Facebook the other day and came upon this

I guess non of you forums guys knew about it but we got another orb sale (ohh boy what??? No chance!!) But it was published in Facebook and not in the forums.
The comments however was not a pushoverfest.
I’m leaving you the reasoning on why didn’t we got the news on the forums.

Go and spend you money boys!!
@yaviey think with us on this please.


an odd choice. maybe trying to publicize a bit more? or they didn’t wanna get roasted. facebook is a bit more popular then the forums.


Thats really strange. At this point i dont know what to think about it other than cpg and bandai really doesnt care anymore about the game


No way! (sarcasm)


or is it a facade? :scream: (also sarcasm)


People are mad because of orb sales? My lord, imagine how livid they’ll be when a new expansion comes along.


You lost me in when


It was posted on Twitter too. But not on the forums (or on Reddit).


I’m gonna try and cook up a conspiracy theory on what is happening. idk how long it’ll take, but i’ll do it for the laugh. this should be good


They’re trying to lure naive FB noobs into this game, but they don’t want them to ever see this forum, full of salty sarcastic S-rankers who would scare away anyone stupid enough to spend any money on the game.
Don’t thank me.


Funds for Godfall running dry. Quick what do we do? Kappa

Pls spend money on our ded game


At this point perhaps it is better there is no new expansion. You can imagine any OP cards would never get fixed so meta end up broken beyond repair.


It’s so stupid, because a balance patch would presumably be very easy to do at least. Tweaking a few numbers is low-effort.

I’m curious as to whether or not we’ll find out about what’s happening behind the scenes eventually.


we should all go on facebook and just light up CPG games, and demand new content. VIVE DUELYST!!!


Seems a bit random a sale on an old expansion with the game in such state…


There is an orb sale every month at the same time. Not sure why you all seem to be surprised. We have an orb sale every second weekend of a month and a diamond sale every last weekend of a month for over 1,5 years now.
I am kinda surprised that they didn’t post it here though.

@thematsjo Balance patches need a lot of testing. There are many possible unintended consequences to them so it is not just tweaking some numbers. But still way easier to do than a new expansion.
Behind the scenes they are working on Godfall and not on Duelyst. Duelyst will probably stay the way it is for a longer period of time I guess. I hope they return to it at some point.


I’m mostly curious about if they’re not telling us what we can expect because they want to extract as much residual revenue from the game as possible, or if there’s some kind of contractual obligation or whatever else that’s stopping them. I don’t feel resentment about Duelyst tapering off, but I dislike being intentionally kept in the dark. I hope CPG will release some kind of statement during or after the official closure which will let me figure out if I’ll remember their company name with fondness or disappointment.


Oh my god Q4 has finally shown up!


Thats what makes me angry as well. Devs knew that all of us expected something in q4, why dont just make a patch with some obvious nerfs and some buffs? I really dont know


But Magmar was created anyways :facepalm: