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This is enough already

In this post I will explain myself and all what i’ve thinking during this months of lack of content on this marvelous game. I don’t want to complain, but to show and tell you ,first a brief analysis of what have happend this monts and second, to light the spark a little for the rest of you who are already with us in the forums to capitalize our efforts on doing something related to our future, all joined with a (large) bit of my personal opinion. The aim of this post is being constructive, even though it doesnt seem like it in some parts, so be comprehensive with the comment I will say. I know this will be a controversial post but i would like to discuss openly everything.

Before we start, I would like to say that, though not participating, i’ve been here for a time ago and i read every post i could on this forums, and i’m proud for being part of this beautiful community I log almost everyday (but not daily during the last month due to exams and so). I will ignore all related to the new game counterplay is developing, as you can not justify all what has happened with it, and you will see. Also, english isn’t my mother tonge, so sorry if mistakes were made :slight_smile:

I enjoy this game. I think it has all that can a game have to be a great if not the BEST digital card collectible game on the internet. The features that have been forging this game up to where it is make it the best strategy game with a far deeper strategy and complexity than others such as Hearthstone, Shadowverse, or others of it same style, being eclipsed due to other games with more lifetime, that could wring out all they could offer such as Magic, Pokemon or others.

For the last 10 months we have not had any news on the game. Just sales and so. What can we deduce of it? Lets see it gradually.
First of all, during the next 3 or 4 months after the last expansion launch, things were as usual, but better with the mood created by the expansions. Yes, there were lots of things to do, and to experiment with trials and new cards. The developers involved a lot with the game, they were releasing patches and expansions, there was a standard mode (that dissapeared, but that created a feeling of progress). People started seeing that there were powerful cards and some started to feel pain when facing magmars, but nothing more than what a patch could solve in a moment.

After it, things started to change. Comunity managers weren’t as talkative as usual ( they werent at the level of some others such as thanatos used to but at least they participated ) and there were game members that started lefting the team, and even the company. Lots of people started complaining and saying that the game was dying, saying that we should kill magmar and wanderer and blah blah. You know, there were people who listened to them, there was other that just decided to pass and enjoy the game just as it is and let the developers make changes when they wanted to. Ultimately, if you like a game, you can play it, and if you don’t, you won’t play (unless you like masochism or really really much the game, where i include myself (not in both)). In the community started being ‘‘toxic’’ and almost anybody liked what was happening, in some way or another. But at the end, toxicity ends with people lefting, and in most cases, people unhappy left. This is the last period, where rarely we see a complain post and all hate is almost isolated in the sales posts, and a mix of the people that are in love with the game and newcommers talk as in the begining of the game.

The developers and managers abbandoned us, let’s be realistic. They left us misinformed during this large period of time with any new of whats comming on. This can mean two things. First, it is obvious that anybody is moving a finger appart from server manteinance on the game, and recycled boss battles. With that being said, On the one hand, they aren’t working because they don’t have time on it, they have other things to do, and so. Community managers dont’ have anything to say because they are said to wait till there is anything new. This is unlikely, as the important people working for duelyst have been talkative and im sure that if a situation like this had happend in the past they would have said AT LEAST that there isn’t anything at the moment and they would marked us a limit time to wait.

The second option is that they just plain gave up and won’t be upload anything on this game. I’m convinced that this is what is happening. Community managers don’t say anything because they have and ever will have anything to say. The strong sale policy, the time without an expansion AND an answer of why knowing what they have done during all this time… This case smells like despair.


We are now cells that live in a body. The body has always given to us what we needed to live. But suddenly, the body has died. What happens in that case? Cells start revolving, the body decompose itself from its insides and at the really end only remains the cells that have been always there and the newcommers organisms that are forced to leave due to the cumpolsory rule of life and death. The funniest part is that any individual cell is concerned about the body’s death. And i think that this is exactly what is happening here.

So i encourage everybody to start thinking in our future. Lets think that the most important thing that join us and where have spent so many hours is going to die anytime soon if they dont make money with sales surely. We need to have an answer, even for saying that the game will close without an expansion or without any balance patch, which is at my sight, the biggest mistake the managers could make. If anybody is willing for fixing this game issues, releasing a patch, making cool new boss battles, fixing wanderer, ragnora of whatever you want, please TELL US, because we as a community want to know what we want to know what is really happening. Even release a patch two months before closing is more than making things without having nothing said.

I love this community, and this game, but i can’t be angrier with the team behind it, professionals and not proffesionals.

Thank you if you have read it all until here and i hope to make you see that there will be a moment where we won’t be able to enjoy the game anymore, and that it is, in my opinion, soon.

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this has been said before. trust me, this isn’t knew. like you said, either play it or don’t. what the people in charge do isn’t in out realm of control. we just play until we can’t anymore. that is life.

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