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This is a rant thread! (about highlander)


I don’t want to hijack the thread, so I will be brief. I will be happy to discuss this more in detail privately or in a separate thread.

IV was not a bad expansion, but it was nowhere near to UP or even Shimzar. UP brought to the game many positioning effects, which was exactly what the game needed at that point. Also Sentinels were an intriguing addition to the game despite a few bugs.

Conversely, IV brought:

  1. Mechs
  2. Build
  3. New generals

1 and 2 were a complete failure and basically never saw play. About 3, I’m not quite sure it was a healthy addition to the game - the card pool already has troubles at supporting 12 generals, let alone 18.

I don’t want to be overly critical, but I found IV rather uninspired and ToM has these big design flaws which drave me a bit out of the game…


Well I agree 100%, expetially your UP thoughts. Personally I think the problem is not mythron cards as a concept, it’s what happen when those cards can hit the board consistently at 4/5/6 Mana, generating that insane value and killing any other midrange deck. To be objective all mythrons bar wanderer don’t have this problem. So I think a nerf to those two cards (wanderer and accumulonimbus) would bring back the game in a healthy state


I agree. ToM would be much more stable and fun without the Mythrons. The problem with Accumulonimbus is that it is really hard to nerf, while there is one needed. The rest of the set actually has some good new concepts. I like at least one epic of each faction ( Standard, Bakezori, Obdurator/Canopic, Crown, Induction and Charm, Wisp, Chirpurka) and most of the intensify cards (exept Accu) there are also some positional effects.


What if you wanted to win against wanderer,
But then god said,


You mean go slower? You crazy?

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