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This game was dead!


ok, this game was really dead.
All lies about the next update.
And as we see, nothing happens.

Are there any websites that fully check the number of current players in this game. To also predict the time it died.


Yeah, yeah we heard it already. Sheeesh…




Perhaps it was never truly alyve.



only 2344? wow. ok then


That was the maximum ever. There are an average of 100 players now.


Got to remember that it doesn’t include people who play through browsers or the downloadable client.


Yeah there are no sure numbers only indicators.


Somebody remove these stats before the game actually dies.


I just got a friend into duelyst and it’s his favorite game now. In my opinion duelyst is still the best tactical card game and as long you constantly find players to play with, why not just enjoy it instead of looking at the end?


This. I play it for over two years and its still my favourite game.




Yeah I totally agree.


But this is clearly a website about logitech gaming mouses, what’re you talking about?


this game was dead and will stay dead.
Jk please come back devs

I will draw actual lewds if you come back
1 patch at least


Persuasion 100

I want cassie-chan first okay.


@discobot roll 1d20
on Persuation.


:game_die: 9


The gods have abandoned us. Nothing can be made. No equivalent exchange can occur. This is a disaster, it is…