This game is awesome


I’m new to this game. I was able to get a Humble Bundle code from someone and bought the Bronze and Silver intro packs or whatever they were called. This game is awesome. I’m loving the pixel art. I like the tactics and positioning required. Replace is a great game mechanic that helps with bad hands/draws and increases consistency. But it also is not an obvious one. Throwing away a card feels so wrong.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Add more solo missions. Being able to solve those for 5 gold was great and exposes so much more of the game.
  2. Add hints in either the tutorial or the solo missions about replacing and increasing it.
  3. Allow unranked play. Maybe allow unranked and ranked to queue with each other.
  4. Add events - like a pauper mode (only basic and commons - or something), add in-game tournaments, add clans/guilds with appropriate incentives.
  5. Keep being awesome.

I’m quite enjoying my Mech Kara and Obelysk Zirix decks. I haven’t figured out which Magmar deck I want to run yet. :slight_smile: Even though I don’t think I’ve beaten a Cassyva yet.


Hiya, oconnor0, and welcome to the forums!

If you didn’t know, tournaments do go on, but do not currently have a ui within the game. They get posted here, on reddit, and on the channel for them in discord. There is actually at least one tournament that bans legendaries (which I’d very much like to participate in sometime soon), and they’re all open registration with few exceptions. You can get keys to crates by placing well, so check them out.

As for replace, try to get rid of things that don’t seem immediately or imminently useful. Because you’re putting bigger cards back into your deck, you increase your chances of drawing them later in the game, helping you curve effectively. Usually you want to throw away anything more than 2 mana above your start from your opening hand.

Enjoy the game and stick around :?)


I think in-game tournaments is a great idea. also love the pauper mode but i think for something like that you need to just do it with Friends as i doubt it will be implemented, feel free to add me. :smile:


Welcome, just wanted to drop by to say how reading this put a big grin on my face :smile:


So I played my first Flash Reincarnation + Sunsteel Defender first turn as second player. It got Diretide Frenzy the next turn. It’s a great combo. :slight_smile: My poor opponent didn’t have dispel or anything to kill it for 3? turns. It basically singlehandledly won the game. I’m excited for whenever I get Mandrake and Makantor.

@raqyee One thing I don’t like about only ranked queues is that I’m less willing to try crazy ideas when I know it will affect my ranking, but if I could queue unranked (without splitting the player base) with my nutty decks, that would be awesome.


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