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This deck is nuts

I’ve been reading a lot that Abyssian is weak right now, but I still decided to make a budget swarm deck for the fun of it. Been running this in unlimited and, holy shit, this tears people apart! I’m still missing a few cards, such as 2 more Chakrams and a bloodtide priestess but that hasn’t stopped me destroying most people I faced with it. The Deathfire Crescendo was a lucky pull from a pack that I held onto and I’m glad I did because that card is crazy good.

Yea, I know, if they are running good AoE removal then it’s generally screwed but if you get a good opening turn 1 and 2, which isn’t too difficult with many different card combo’s that can give you an instant swarm board, you can usually win by turn 4-6. This will probably be my go to deck for laddering once I get the other cards for it as it wins games so quickly.

After taking advice on board, crafting and much tweaking, this is the deck now:

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hyperswarm is good and always will be, however it is its own worst enemy, as it is very easy to tech against, so if it becomes too popular then it’s winrate will plummet. I’m glad you are enjoying the archetype, it is a lot of fun and has a decently high skill cap :smiley:


True, it’s very polarized. If they have good AoE removal, draw it and you can’t answer it, they win. If they don’t, you win. I made the deck just to have fun with in unlimited and never actually expected it to do so well. Definitely the deck I’ve had the most fun with so far. I just love combo decks in general and this kind of deck has a lot of nice combo’s you can pull off :smiley:

Hyperswarm lilithe is imho a very powerfull deck even in standard, wich can allow you to reach srank. This is my (full expensive) version

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Like, legit one game I played, I started second and had a board of like 5-6 minions on my first turn and the guy just instantly conceded after I ended my turn :joy:

Nice, I’m definitely going to work towards getting those epics and legendaries to make it that much stronger :smiley:

the super all in version which would be what I would run if I were going to build the deck would look something like this

this is just a theorycraft and I haven’t actually tested it yet, so some cards might not be correct, but it’s the same shell that it has always been.


Maybe Maw in place of Furosa then? Looks fast enough :smiley:

furiosa is one of the best cards in the deck, if anything I’d take out replicant, maybe for bloodbound mentor, although maw is not a bad shout.


Personally I think Furiosa is irreplaceable in this deck. It being 1 cost allows you to pull some great combo’s with your BBS and Cryptographer in the early turns.

I tested this version but the lack of bloodtide is a big handicap imho, because it allows you to control the board while developing it for next turns burst. Also i dont like replicant and having 9 burst card is unecessary in most matches, thats why i go with shroud (anti thorn) and necrotic (plan b). Mentor you can replace with whatever you like

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I agree, bloodtide is massive when played at the right time with good positioning. I like replicant as it thins the deck for combo cards, gives you pseudo draw and, in the later game when your hand is a bit small and you haven’t played any of them yet, it allows you to play 2-3 of them from a low hand for a single card slot.

I disenchanted some cards I didn’t really need and added the third priestess and a bloodbound mentor. Took out the Shadowdancers as they tend to be a dead card in hand.

yeah, I haven’t played the deck in a long time, I think the last time I used it was in a few games during the race to s in feburary. the issue I had with bloodtide was that it was weak to a lot of removal and felt too slow for the deck, I would rather just win than set up a bigger board. however, I haven’t tested it in the current meta, so I can’t really say if it is good or not.

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Ayyyy 291410_20180423150724_1

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Ironically the best swarm list I’ve seen has been one that ran neither Bloodtide or Furiosa, tho with Mag on the downturn that might no longer be correct.


I pulled a legendary from a pack and got the dust to craft the other 2 Chakram’s and BB mentor. Here she is in all her beauty:

And here’s how it’s been going :grin:


Honestly, I think this deck has huge potential for just climbing the ranked ladder very quickly. Sure, you’ll run into the odd games where you get a bad start hand and/or they have the AoE to handle your swarms, but it can close out games so quickly that I reckon the win rate for ranked would still be pretty high.

I’ll be unleashing this baby into ranked as soon as we hit the new season :sunglasses:


Most of the playera who play unranked are bronze.

I mean, half of the decks I’ve faced have been sub-optimal but I have definitely played against some ranked worthy decks. My 21 win streak speaks for itself :grin: