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Thinking of a possible Duelyst MOBA concept


Protip: next time you make a thread like this, post it under “decklists” rather than “general”. Sweet 14 days of inactivity until your thread is locked, rather than a mere 5 :vankiss:


I’m going on a winter holiday to Gdańsk tomorrow, so unfortunately I will not be able to continue finishing my concept until Sunday. But on the upside, I’ve finally finished Abyssian faction. Now with damage ratios!

Ignore the CD on ults of Black Solus and Carrion Collector for now (plz).


Just realized I can edit my documents on Google Disc on my phone. Not the most efficient way, but it should do the trick next time.

I think I’ll either do Songhai or Vetruvian next.


Eee… what to say… I feel like I’m starting to get a lack of ideas, but that’s probably due to me always trying to bring something new when in reality, I’m creating a completely new moba from scratch. On the upside, I did finish Xenkai Cannoneer and Bakezori.


I believe in you good sir. When you’re feeling stuck always remember that I will like your ideas no matter what <3


Yeah I’ve been having fun with this idea, take it slow if you have to but keep it coming if you can :slight_smile:


I think creating this moba taught me that sometimes trying to create too much of new stuff is not always needed, as there will eventually be no room for totally new stuff. Of course, being creative is a good attribute, but there needs to be a fine balance between simple and super cool stuff, so that you can create fun and interesting heroes.

I also finished basic abilities for Kindling and Kaleos Kaan.


I cannot currently wokr on my MOBA with as much passion as I would normally do due to school and my passion for gaming. But I did realise I’m making so laughable scaling for every character, I might need to readjust them for certain classes. For example, assassins and mages could have higher base damages and good scalings, but poor Health, Armor and Magic Resist scaling. Tanky characters would have the opposite.


I like Gdańsk a lot :slight_smile:


Yet another update. I finished all basic abilities for Songhai, aswell as some ults and passives.


i got an idea for lynoar.
Marksman: Solpierce (duh)
Mage: Sun Breaker
Assassin: Second Sun
Tank: Ironcliffe Guardian
Brawler: Alabaster Titan
Support: War Exorcist
idk about the abilities, but i feel these units better suit the slots for the roles that you have intended. The Solpierce slot was an easy choice, because yeah. Second, for mage, the Sun Breaker could have a protective barrier that allows him to take half spell damage, and his spells damage him and his allies, but they only take half damage compared to the enemy. For the assassin, Second Sun just seemed more ideal compared to the dragoon (in my opinion), and i was thinking he could deal massive damage at short range, and he deals more damage relative to surronding allies, thus promoting the Lynoar frontline soldier theme. Next, we have Ironcliffe Guardian. maybe one of his abilities allows him to take damage for an ally or allies in a certain proximity, and he would take less damage from melee, and he would also draw enemy minions to him. next, we have Alabaster Titan as bruiser. Maybe he has a big boi stat line and would be able to rally allies with his artifacts/abilities, which work in conjunction, or he could build with his artifacts to fight solo/with second sun to attack enemy flanks. Last but not least, War Exorcist. little bit of favoritism because i love his sprite, but im thinking he could obviously heal (to help reduce the effect of the Sun Breaker). Maybe he could choose between weaker area heal or targeted healing. His ult could be a sphere of mad damage to enemies and mad healing for allies. anyways, those are just some ideas. i hope you like them!


your best bet is to start with one character per class, per faction, and have it based on the faction you choose. then, build up to three per faction per class, and have maybe, idk six way matches? lol. idk what you want the matches to be like, but with 18 characters plus, say 6 artifacts, that is alot of customization. @humancalc, wanna do the math for us?


Can I say no? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
No clue what you are asking :persevere:.
Haven’t been reading this thread.
Something to do of probability or number of combination isn’t my fav maths topics.

@excogitator Are you still alive?
There is apparently this guy asking something maths.
Can you save a parallel Duelyst maths universe?


snow chaser would have been a cool assassin for vanar.


Something similar to Murky from HOTS?


something like ratatoskr from smite


Or Meepo from Dota :smirk:


I might change some Lyonar heroes. Maybe Brome for Indominus and Templar for Zir’an. Makes more sense and will ease the ability creation process.


Templar’s ability might be a bit weird to fiddle with, don’t ya think?


(wonders why he doesn’t continue working on his MOBA while it’s obvious he simply loves playing games and has other stuff to do) :thonk: