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Thinking of a possible Duelyst MOBA concept


Well, i’m killing the very idea of having a team to begin with, so there’s that. Depending on the degree of customization you want to tackle with spell/traits selection i’m seeing more hassles in a large roster with interchanging pieces than it is worth.


I personally agree with @zanestheargent , that having factions being chosen before a match begins would be pretty darn sick. Balancing would be all over the place if you could combine certain faction abilities. I’d also think that maybe having gameplay being 3rd person, sort of like in Paragon, would be really cool. It could also enable some interesting aspects with verticality in maps, for example; Vaath could be a champion with a smash attack that does increased damage or has a greater radius based on the height he jumps from. But thats just a thought, it may cause more problems than its worth.

On that note, here’s a decent idea for a Lyonar champion.

[Sunforge Protecter]

A support character with a medium health pool. His primary attack would be a lance which he can use to thrust, which fires a short range blast. Also has a charge attack which increases damage reduction heavily during the animation. Now the interesting mechanic with this guy, which again would only work if this was like a 3rd person perspective, would whwen he ults, he gets radiant dragoons spear( I know you already used dragoon, but give this a listen). The Spear when thrown, heals allies in a radius for instant burst, and a bit over the next several seconds, while wiping cc effects off of them. The other attacks would be a normal heal ability with some name like sacred fire or what not, which he tosses onto people via his lance after a brief charge or incantation period.


Having many factions combine isn’t so much of a problem, much like it isn’t in League noxian champs alongside demacians. My issue is mostly the excess of moving pieces, plain and simple. Either you care for an expansive roster with fixed abilities or you keep it small but add variance to them - for example, in-lobby base spells modifiers or slightly alternate weapons. Both and you end up with too many edge cases to check, bar and fix. Simplest example of that is how HotS completely threw away equipments in order to add in-game spell modifiers.

The “pick your faction beforehand” thing is mostly valid only if you don’t even make it a proper MOBA anymore and swap for some more action-based RTS shenanigans, thus my comparisons to a Dynasty Warriors-like, which is sufficiently similar but more solo-player based, at best team-play based on each player having its own base.


Tbf I kinda thought of Ragnora (as mage) kit (if we are going for 3 abilities+1 ultimate).
His First ability is Summon Egg. You can activate this ability to summon an egg. This egg is stationary and gives vision for 10 seconds(like a Vision ward) and die afterwards. Eggs die in 3 attacks or 2 spells from enemy champions, or 5 minion attacks. This ability holds 3 charges which relplenish over a long cooldown. Spells passive component is: While Ragnora has an Egg in a certain range of him, he gains 10%spell damage, 10%cooldown reduction and enhanced basic abilities.
His second ability is Lava lance.
Ragnora fires a burst of flame in a line, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. If the enemy is a champion, refund half the mana cost. If an Allied Egg is near Ragnora, Lava Lance pierces all enemies hit, deals bonus damage and burns enemy champions for a small amount of damage over 2 seconds (baseline 3-5% of max hp over the duration). Using enhanced Lava Lance destroys the Egg.
His 3rd ability is Egg Morph. Ragnora channels primal power, reducing the movement speed and armor/spell resistance of an enemy champion, and summons a Ripper. For each allied egg nearby, destroy it to summon an additional Ripper. Rippers are fast melee creeps, that prioritise in this order:
Egg morphed champions
Jungle creeps (if there will be)
Rippers last for the duration of egg morph and can be destroyed early by damage.
Ragnoras ultimate is Flaming Stampede.
Ragnora summons a large wave of lava, dealing huge damage to everything (even himself) that lava touches (damage can be dealt only once), except Eggs and Rippers. Any eggs that Lava touches hatch into Rippers and any Rippers touched get Empowered, gaining bonus attack damage, Movement and Attack speed for few seconds (the exact duration of egg morph).


Finally. I’ve finished all of Vanar abilities, ready for your opinions. While I still didn’t include damage, mana and cooldown, you get a pretty clear idea of what can be used in my MOBA concept.


Warbird should have a decent cast delay as its effect, regardless of cooldown, is very powerful utility-wise. Otherwise Faie is cool!

Balanced, without damage values. If Waterball does hecks then it’s definitely imbalanced. Cloudcaller has a clear view of what type of CC you deal, really good lane harassment but falls off in 1 on 1s. Standard, clear, nice.

Make this mad lad have very high manacosts or it’ll be EXTREMELY powerful in a MOBA setting. If CD reduction exists as artifact/item Denadoro will be seen as the best late-game snowballer I reckon. Gusion from Mobile Legends is what I can see in this big boy.

Draugar Eyolith
Standard solid brawler. Build CDR and regeneration and this guy gains Big Bully Energy. Feels like Ironcliffe Guardian’s style tbh haha.

This boy may be the greatest reward of micromanaging ever in a MOBA. Jungle master even. This guy gains my favour. This guys is AWESOME. Wailing Overdrive is SO amazing. IMBA AF. That’s my only verdict.

Voice of the Wind
Solid design. No words needed. Balanced, clear, I’d main this as support tbh.

Comments on Artifacts separate post.


I assume it’s League based stat system?


Night Howler works simlarly to Rexxar’s Misha from HotS. It has own attack damage and health, and when it dies, it will respawn after some time, and all abilities that work with the Howler no longer work. Howling Pounce will be unavaliable to use, and Aspect of the Ravager will only buff Frostiva.

Of course, there is CD reduction, but it’s not widely spread. Currently only Songhai has a spell usbale by any of their heroes that reduced the cooldown and mana cost of the next ability target ally uses next (by 50% to be exact). And Eyolith reduced his cooldowns only when his shield is broken.

About Denadoro, Wind Talon’s talons are thrown in a similar way to Li-Ming Q from HotS, so the talons maybe push the enemy too far away for you to deal high damage - you gotta be precise if you want to push an enemy very far away. I might rescale the stun duration with the spin duration, though. I also imagine Denadoro as an assassin who has hybrid scaling, mening he really loves Resonance Scythe as his core artifact. :wink:

About stats, it’s kind of like that. I might create my own mathematical scaling of Armor and Magic Resist. Abilities will also have scalings with either AD, AP or both.


Faction-wide Spells and Artifacts analysis!

I can see this in someone like Denadoro or Frostiva. Definitely Vanar’s staple anti-carry skill.
Hailstone Prison
Heavy control, solid escape plan in losing 1 on 1s. Another spell oozing Vanar personality.
Boundless Courage
Specifically Aggro Vanar. Very close to actual spell in Duelyst in the way it’s utilized. 10/10.
Crystalline Reinforcements
A lackluster spell compared to the others, Vanar seems in need of better burst damage rather than overall sustainability. Unless the cooldown is low.

White Asp
Very good for Frostiva or any high CC. If collision works like in Dota then Frostiva can completely root a single target. Can see wide use for CC.

Resonance Scythe
Huh. As you said, Denadoro core. But imagine Eyolith on crack. Mvmt. speed + Denadoro’s passive speed alllows insane kiting & roaming power. Definitely shows importance of artifacts.

Iceshatter Gauntlet
Only Stun and Silence works… Kinda worried this may be underpowered, but the initial Armor buff is definitely worth the conditional procs.

Animus Plate
Sick. Staple for any durable build. 500 is a HUGE initial gain for Health.

If this stacks with AOE spells this might be the teamfight endgame for Vanar. Just a single snowballing caster can ruin the enemy’s teamfight potential with this item. Definitely see core play, might be imbalanced.

The Dredger
Pulling in anything is insane positioning advantage. Situational, but works very well. Balanced and solid Artifact.

Is this just snowballing for Faie gunblade? Like, seriously? Faie core no doubt. Just a solid Artifact otherwise, no change needed.

1 on 1 beneficial item that doesn’t scale well. Definitely needs a buff, most likely to the maim debuff part.

Overall, the Vanar shared elements are quite solid. Faction-specific MOBAs looks promising now.


Thank you kindly. :grin:

About Crystalline Reinforcements, I imagined that every faction should have a faction-wide utility spell so that especially new players can fulfill the support role decently outside of applying CC. Maybe a slight buff should make it more viable, but I gotta be carefull, as Vanar does have Eyolith and Animus Plate. I think I might just say what kinds of faction-wide spells every faction should have.

  • Some form of harder CC (like stuns, fears, polymorphs etc.)
  • Single target burst
  • AoE spell (mainly to provide each hero with some form of waveclear)
  • Utility (like healing allies, creating copies of them etc.)


Wow those were great! Cant wait to see Abyss or Magmar(im gonna drop some critique on those)


Except Dark Transformation as a faction-wide ability that turns enemy heroes into tiny wraithlings. :wink:


sounds like a polymorph


Hey, this all looks really cool! I’m excited to see what comes next :slight_smile:


Not sure if I like the idea of frost punishment increasing its stun duration to 2.5 seconds against already stunned heroes, since that seems pretty unfun to play against! Maybe just an increase in damage, or lower the stun duration as a whole. Not sure how easy it would be to dodge it, but if you’re stunned I don’t see how you’re getting out of the way


It’s not a super fast wave, more of a similar speed to Maokai’s ult from LoL. Although maybe a reduce of the increased stun to 2.25 secodns would be a little better. Or 2.125 even.


Or 2. It is never good to include complex numbers in durations as timing is something players need to get accustomed to and you do not want players to scratch their head on.0625 or some weird number.


Nothing serious to say, it’s just to keep this thread alive. I decided to replace Nocturne in Marksman position for Abyssian with Desolator. Just look at his animation - it’s pretty dope. :sirpenti:

I’ve also finished basic abilities for Deso, Devourer and Lilithe. Still need abilities for Revenant (might swap him for Carrion Collector), Solus and Caco, aswell as most of ults, passives and all artifacts.


I got an idea for deso, someone with long range and a lotta healing/dmg, but is total glass cannon


I need to type something or else it will get closed. :frowning:

But I did swap Revenant for Collector. I think it was easier to create an interesting kit with Carrion rather than Revenant. And for sure it was.