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Things you miss - general thread to know you better


Wheres BGC?
Bonifacio global city in the Philippines?


I miss old burn!Abyssian, godhand juggernaunts , 3/5 taygete, vet not being overly cancerous and 5 mana zen’rui


I really miss old Taygete and Kelino.


If you’re trying to figure out where to send the bombs, send your guy to the McDonald’s near the Makati City Hall. I’ll have my guys wait there with the payment.


I miss lethal.

Like, a lot.

I am not good at this game.


The Great Barrier Reef.

Also dunkaroos.




so it’s up to your bf, cloud, and salty to meet us in BGC then, lol


In Dooly? uuuhhh… I miss Grinch and Tactical having regular streams, I guess.

IRL, I don’t even know where to begin:

  • I miss not having to work; even if school sucked it still gave you a helluva lot more free time and less stress than any job.

  • Semi-related to the previous point, I really miss being a kid and all the awesome shows I used to watch in my countless hours of free time; notable mentions are Saint Seiya, Tekkaman Blade, Mirai Robo Daltanious, Exo Squad, Batman: TAS, Justice League and JL Unlimited, Gargoyles, Tiny Toon Adventures… etc.

  • I miss having a crush on someone. It’s been a while.

EDIT: oh and go-to song is kinda hard since I’m not really a musical person, but this was Edge’s entrance theme in the late 90s’ or early 2000s’ back when the 'E was still WWF and “Trash TV” was still the norm. Plus, Rob Zombie was a part of Beavis and Butthead Do America’s OST and several PS1 titles so I guess it reminds me of a ton of things from yesteryear I like… and it’s a great track to begin with.


Yaaaaaaaaaas! bf is in HK at the moment, but maybe sometime next week or next next week we can figure something out. Totally g for it.


Hong Kong? I live in 3 kilometer proximity to its border.


OMG THATS RIGHT!! I think he said he’s in an outlet mall in Tung Chung? idk hahahaha


That place is nice… For my mom I guess. :upside_down_face:


His mom and aunt are driving him crazy with all the shopping. Hahahaha


There was a nice ice cream place there, but it closed so… :thonk:


Man if I went would have called you over to say hi HAHAHA uwu


I actually may go to HK tomorrow. :sirpenti:


He’s staying until tomorrow evening actually. Should I tell him??? HAHA idk friendships are nice.

But then again he isn’t in free control of his time cuz fam.


If he’s a friend of your’s, shouldn’t he be at least 19 or so? I’m 17. :thonk:


Well, this is interesting and all…but maybe you could coordinate with each other in private messages?