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Things you miss - general thread to know you better


what’s up people? i see new faces, we’ve got new CM (which is probably a monk), so instead of whats your name? dafuq you do with your life? stop drinking and go pick your son up this is gonna be a little different, basically - what you miss in life? new to the forums please tell us about yourself and hopefully we’ll care.

plus - add a go to song.

i’ll start - i miss the evenings before missions during my service where i would just listen to music with a book instead of studying for a test in separation processes .
also i miss lego Technic.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40JmEj0_aVM - one of my go to songs during these days.

P.s - we will care, this is a joke.
Stormshade please don’t close my stuff


We don’t need 2 general chats. >.>


locusts live. fixed it for you.


I thought this was a “what you miss in duelyst” thread
I was gonna say, I miss 3 mana Falcius and artidecks with minions instead of Notion


I miss 4/3 Windblade Adepts.


Duelyst wise: I miss Casual metafree game mode, surprising isn’t it ? :smiley:
(any type: Frostfire, Rift, Unranked, whatever)

IRL: I miss time :stuck_out_tongue:

Song: so many, let’s go with what’s in my speakers right now https://youtu.be/2ZpXPwmbQvc


I miss my 7 mana Rev :frowning:


i miss the times when my brother played this game. i have to say, yeeting my brother with a mechazor is one of my favorite dooly memories.


I miss our silent and lost friends here on the forum.


I miss being part of conversations here :’(

hi friends


I miss bugged Wanderer, I miss Meltdown meta and I miss Vanar having powerful cards.


That’s a long time ago…


I don’t have enough souls to sacrifice so I can’t craft Doom for the Meltdown tournament so I’m gonna kick some ass and take names with Vanar.


Card draw mana vortex.

2/4 Lantern Fox.

0 mana inner focus.

No Thunderhorn.

Maybe I’ll think of smth else.


aaaye ya back! @littlebelsprout welcome back. also we were planning this Fil Dooly meetup at one point but only me and @saltystabwound were up for it :frowning:

my dood, vanar has the craziest openers right now tho. snowchaser-cryonic potential might not be a wincon or a pair of cards that fit well with vanar decks, but it sure as hell gets me some dank concede wins. (there’s also minijax+solitude for making a the small ranged guy a solid dude)


please friend… no


Solitude + Vale Hunter was and still is my favorite combo.


see? wailing and mark of solitude are back! it’s not -that- bad
mark, overdrive, potential: the swolo trifecta.


They’re fun but not good. Just watch my games for the tourney I’m too hot… or cold in this case.


I miss old Siphon Energy.



No, us.