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Things on hold for a while (maybe forever)


Some people will know that I stream Duelyst, and have since late September. However, due to an unfortunate PC problem/issue and bad timing, I won’t be able to stream for the foreseeable future. Although I don’t know what the problem is for certain yet, its more than likely to have something to do with the GPU/motherboard. At best things might get sorted out within a week, at worst… well things may not get sorted and I would have to stop streaming for an unknown period.

I would have posted this in my topic about my stream stuff but that’s locked and I don’t have the time to ask to get it unlocked. So this post is basically for people who would want to know why I haven’t/won’t be streaming today and tomorrow, and until whenever the problem is fixed. Which could be never. Which would be very unlucky, but I guess that’s the way it goes.


Really sad to hear! I hope you can fix these problems!

Is only streaming affected or can’t you play Duelyst anymore?

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Streaming is affected as well as most games that I own. Duelyst is unaffected, so I can still play it but not stream it.


At least something. Good luck with that stuff. Getting new hardware is always annoying (and expensive).


Hopefully, it might only be a software thing (got a friend who knows computer stuff) and he’ll said he can come and look at it at some point next week. But it’s hardware, then I don’t know if there is any realistic thing I could do for replacing it.

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I’m sorry to hear this happen to you, especially with how dedicated you’ve been towards streaming for the community.

Thanks for keeping us updated on your situation. And don’t feel bad for us. You’re dealing with enough as it is.

I can only hope it’s not a serious problem.

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Hope you get things fixed.

If you can still run your PC then hopefully the situation isn’t too bad.

From experience with my PC problems:

  1. Software problem. A computer reset reinstalling the entire computer, spending a million hours could solve stuff. Just takes ages.
  2. Had a problem with computer overheating and shutting down whenever I ran more intensive programs like games. Replacing my faulty power adaptor solved that.

I advise that you backup stuff while you can still access your PC. Just to be safe.
Please do keep us updated. Good luck!


Sorry to hear that Valhalla…
I hope you’ll manage to fix your computer soon and thank you for the notification.
Best of luck!

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Hi, what was your channel name? I don’t think I ever had the opportunity to stop by and enjoy your stream.

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A quick update and bad news. Turns out to be, my GPU died. Not sure what I’ll do, but I’ll work out my options and see.


That’s really bad. These aren’t the cheapest parts :frowning:

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Good news, I got a replacement for it and everything seems to be working. I’ll try streaming tonight and use the stream to check that everything is working fine. Hopefully, I can do streaming again if everything works because in the time away from not streaming, I’ve realised how much I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to get back into it.




Gonna be starting in about 5 mins time, if everything works, I’ll ask a forum mod to close this topic. Since if things go smoothly (fingers crossed), this topic won’t be needed anymore.


Hi, I don’t know if you use discord, but please post there in media when you go live.

I really like duelyst streamers [=

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I don’t use discord much and the only Duelyst related one I use/read is the Meltdown one. Plus I stream pretty much everyday at roughly the same time (for about 2 hours), so it would get a bit annoying to post everytime I go live.

I roughly start my stream somewhere within these times, depending which time zone you use or can relate to.

3pm - 4pm PDT
6pm - 7pm EDT
11pm - Midnight GMT
Midnight - 1 am CEST

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Well people just browsing the discord would see your announcement. It is a channel only for stream announcements. It helps getting more people in :slight_smile:

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