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They say Healonar is low tier Well think again My diamond ranked decklist


Hi there I’m kevin2hard same name on youtube i am a diehard healonar player 14 ribbons with the faction and this is my current list… ye i know no two drops on first turn i try to cycle a sun bloom to disrupt opponent mana tile or hold back against songhai op turn 3 play… playing second same result or if can drop silverguard knight would be great asset. all in all by turn 4 should be able to have regalia to take out a minion. then by oppoents turn they naturally waste all their early game resources to remove regalia and the game state will become neutral where u would have ability to drop ironclife or purgatos or another regalia then its smooth sailing from there. sun elemental is only there to combo late game with keeper of the vale each legendary has their own purpose either to finish off the game with dark nemesis or apply board control with pandora. and lastly rook is such and underrated card just play it on a clear board and see the results. Have fun will make a post after shimzar is released and you guys can add me on duelyst anytime :slight_smile:

Heal ziran deck that got me to diamond

Cool decklist. However using Zir’an, 3 sundrops, and one sunriser mixed in with all of those legendary memes (Looks at Rook), doesn’t always make it a Healing deck. Based on you description up above, I would call it a control and dominating late game type of deck.

Regardless, cool decklist.


Being able to reach diamond with a deck says nothing about how good it is, especially considering how everything works in gold.

The deck is a mess really, I wouldn’t even classify it as healonar. It just a mess made of mostly random cards. You have a single card that synergies well with healing.


I thought I saw this somewhere… is this the deck you used against Scarzig in his latest Midrange Vetruvian Video?


Is it even possible to get to Diamond with no 2 drops and only three 3 drops or are you meme’ing as hard as your Rook?


I think this deck has some good ideas, but there is definitely some room for improvement. For instance, Rook on a clear board is good, but Pandora or Dark Nemesis on a clear board is almost always better. Maybe this could work? I can’t try it out for myself because I’m missing most of the legendary’s :stuck_out_tongue:.


It looks cool, I like how you use a bunch of under utilized cards. Is rook really any good? I got one out of an orb but I dusted him because I didnt think he would be any good. Like I said I havent tried him, but I would think other legendaries would be better.

Do you follow a similar format with any other generals? I would like to give your deck a try but I dont have most of the Lyonar cards.

I am going to try to make a Magmar spin off of your deck, Ill let you know if it does any good


What is my life.


What the fuck is this decklist? Is this a meme, please tell me your just meming.


Looks like a bad deck overall.

Zero 2-drops. No cheap spells to clear board either. Giving the enemy a free starting advantage. Especially if you are player 1.
For example:
You: No drop
Enemy: double 2-drop
You: No drop. You only have 5 3-drops so this could happen.
Enemy: 5-drop and game is close to over before you started.

The only thing you have to regain board advantage is the lone decimate. Tempest might help.

Don’t waste a sunbloom on a mana tile. Dispels are very important. You will regret it if you see a Four Winds or Shadowdancer,etc without a dispel.

With such a top heavy deck you should have 3 Keeper of Vales.

Even if you go late game 7 7-drops is too much. Lyonar has no resource acceleration like Flash Reincarnation or Dark Sacrifice.

Sun elemental is bad. Especially since there are so many high cost minions with more than enough health. You don’t need more health.

Rook is just rook…

Hollow Grovekeeper might not be bad. However you are reminding enemies to put it to destroy your deck.

Holy Imolation is going to be hard to use because you have few low cost minions to combo it with.

If an enemy puts an Ironcliffe or equivalent before you, you have no response. No Martyrdom or Repulsor Beast. Since you have a deck with a slow start this will happen often.

I can see your deck working by being a punch bag until the big minions come. Got a feeling it will struggle against faster and aggressive decks.

Anyway have fun. Maybe Shimzar will have cards that help with your style of deck :slight_smile:


Could we get a screenshot of your 14 ribbons? I don’t want to sound like an asshole but this is not a healyonar, the only heal synergy you have is one sunriser.


this is just a creative deck to ladder with it burst creativiity and lack of repetitiveness dont just look at face value try the deck out of 10 games and u all will see how satisfying winning can be


Sorry bud but it costs 18,000 spirit, plus I’m a Songhai main so I don’t have many of those cards, but I’m asking if you could give us proof of your 14 ribbons. Also please don’t call this healyonar, because it’s not, it’s just a crazy ass control deck. (PS: Not trying to hate, I love crazy decks like this I just like evidence as well :slight_smile: )


I will give it try,I have seen Magmar list aka Vaath Smash that has some similarities.Decks like these make me curious but Magmar can turn 5 into 3 drops and 4 drops into 2 drops.


The thing is, Magmar actually has the ressources to make such a highcost deck work. I.e. Iridium + Overload + Natural Selection for early game pressure, flash reincarnation (and kujata) for accelerating and so on.

Lyonar doesnt, and it makes little sense to not play its excellent 2 drops.


I agree but I don’t just run with group think,I will try it out.I tried out similar deck with Vanar as well (it didn’t work)


add me on duelyst n u will see the 14 ribbons why would i lie


Ok then, will do, I’m assuming your online?


in 5 minutes i will be


Alright then future buddy, I hope to see those shiny ribbons soon.