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These Lyonars are just


Again, you want to consider how well cards perform from the perspective of an empty board. If your riser stuck for a turn, you likely already won anyway.


I came from mtg to duelyst, and don’t understand the intricacies of the curve in duelyst. any advice?


(I hope this isn’t too unhelpful…)
You can Google [duelyst curve] and read what pops up, bearing in mind that some things will be a bit out of date. You can also try looking at the curves of the decks in the top-50 decklist collections for the last couple of months.


You can just run two if you want to keep the curve low. It’s too good to pass.


The question is too vague and depends on a particular deck and playstyle. There are a couple of general rules, like “9 turn1 plays” and “4-drops are the most useful ones”, but other than that it is up to your own preference.


I’m sure there’s a way to mathematically model it, but I’m too dull for such kermuffins.

General rules of thumb I like (top players may have differing opinions); you’ll get better as you play more:

  • any deck bar starhorn and regardless of curve should have at least 2 sources (or 6 cards’ worth) of hand refill (IE 3x jammer + 3x cantrip; mentor + jammer, first wish + 3x dream shaper, etc). Consider more draw sources or multiple aggressive forms of draw (ex. jammer + spikes, jammer + oath) if your curve is lower.

  • Note that hand refill =/= draw. Hand refill can either cycle your deck (cantrips like Scion’s first, inkling surge, or just raw draw like tectonic spikes or jammer) or add novel cards to your hand (ex. shidai’s bbs, alcuin loremaster cycling, mentor bbs addition).

  • If you want to run multiple 2xs in your deck, your hand refill must include some type of cycle

  • If you are running burst draw (oath, spikes, etc), consider having at least 6-9 plays which can combo with it if needs to be played on 5 (ex. 2 drops if spikes is played on 5; 1 mana plays if oath is played on 5). --> note this tenant is redundant with many more aspects of the ziran deck discussed, allowing similar combos to be formed with riser and jammer on 5

  • burst draw alone is not enough to sustain a deck lacking a hand refill bbs, irrespective of curve. This concept generally applies only to heavy lyonar decks, with various players throughout the game’s history employing 3 or more cantrips to compensate (aegis barrier, sunwisp, etc.)

Again, ask other top players and their views will vary. Just my two cents.


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