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These Lyonars are just


Haha… I’m playing Lyonar vs Lyonar but it’s just simply ridiculous how the other’s lyonar deck had HEAL 4 AND MAKE 4 DAMAGE TO ALL ENEMIES AROUND… hahaha so weak!!

postdata: I’M JELOUS!!!


Umm…why do you not have that card in your deck? Holy immolation is one of the 2 Lyonar cards that fits in almost every deck (other being trinity oath)


One day I swear!!


one day son…
Try to farm orbs with twitch drops. This way you get there in no time.


Ok thanks so much!!! BUT… (butt)

I just linked my twitch + Bandai + Duelyst stuffy stuff and IT SAYS “when you watch” guess I’m watching myself… But what about “when you stream”?? I really don’t know how this works.

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turn on your own stream in the background
or another streamers stream


I’m currently having a lot of fun with a home-made Argeon Lyonar deck that is based on cheap minions for buffing & Ironcliffe Monument fodder, and splash damage like Holy Immolation.

It’s not a competitive deck, but fun as heck to play with :grin:


@SnakeintheEye It totally seems like you’re having fun eh!! You made me imagine that!!

@alexx55 Yesterday I won an orb by watching my own stream in the background just like you suggested!!!


just wait until you meet healyonar…


Heal lyonar doesn’t even run immo cuz it’s too slow lul


I dont get it when you guys meme about that, like, what do you even slot in that is faster than Immo


Riser + tempest is already solid AOE, and cutting immo and all of your 3 slot bar lancer for flameblood + draining wave allows you to run a curve low enough to accommodate 3x jammer and 3x oath. Perhaps it is you who memes?


Pros talk!! I’m real lost here!! heheee


Nah, Im not memeing, I just dont know anything about Lyonar, especially Healyo


Allow me to illustrate, then:


This is far and away the fastest ziran list out there, though not necessarily the strongest. Immo is but one of many techs you can add depending on matchup (tourneys) or meta (ladder). Other considerations include silverguard knight, claim, scintilla, sunstrike (generally better than immo for this deck’s purposes), etc.


Is this a Healonar thread now :grin:?

Agree with Owl that Holy Immolation is not that great in a Healonar deck.
Unless your opponent is careless, you usually combo Immo with a cheap minion. Said cheap minion is not very threatening, unlike with say a deck with Argeon that can buff it. These minions (excluding Warlock) are heal cards, which could have been used for your heal synergy cards.

Sunriser does a similar job. Sunriser leaves a 3/4 unlike Immo.

While Immo is not bad, play feels smoother without it.


Guys I’m streaming BTW get them drops


Immo is worth running because it can go face though.


Uh, sure.

However, if your goal is to go fast, 4 damage for a minimum of 5 mana from an empty board is, as stated previously, too slow. There are more efficient ways of doing so while simultaneously lowering the curve, thus improving deck flow and consistency through the inclusion of a more robust draw system.


It’s a 9 damage burst if you use it on Sunriser.