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There are any good Youtuber for Duelyst?


Mogwai and TM25MD are the ones based around youtube.

I know Deathsadvocate and Hsuku stream pretty regularly on twitch so tune in when you can for advice there


yeah no but i don’t look for youtubers dat only play the game and lets you see gameplay
i look for the guides tips tricks, deck building etc… i have seen TM25MD but he is more of S Rank gameplay wich is not what im looking for

Note: im looking at Mogwai now


Not sure about youtube but I know @boronian keeps all the beginner guide links up to date on the wiki.


@tacticalgmr made very good youtube contents too.


So what im hearing is, i should start making duelyst youtube videos


err not really i just want to see if there is any youtube channel with focus on teaching since i enjoy dat type of channel more than just gameplay or trying out decks for fun, there is nothing bad about those channels but i just don’t enjoy them as much
but it is not a big deal if there is no channel :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly if you wanted to do a new set of beginner/new player videos I think that’d be a great addition to the community. Fundamental stuff is really important for newer players.


if he is going to starts doing dat i would say dat sure you could do maybe 1 intro for newbies but still you need to focus on advance strategy because there is already a lot for newbies in youtube


Ah thought you had been asking for new player guides.

It’s not a youtube channel but if you want some advanced education writing feel free to check out some of Hopper’s old positioning stuff.


i mean i would like to hear 1 intro for newbies just to see if i am not missing anything i would not want to keep doing newbie mistakes but when you pick a faction you may want to learn more about it xD

i have seen dat webpage before is not dat i don’t want to read but i was looking for a youtube channel so i can hear what they say while i work on my projects
and to be honest im not saying dat the content of the website is bad but it’s very long sometimes i have read some and i can easly say dat people would consume it more if it where in video format but then again is just me cuz im lazy and i would like to have a easy way to deal with it xD


Ah yeah sounds like something slightly more specific. Content creators come and go though so who knows someone might pop up making the content you’re looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:


i really doubt dat somebody is going to do it, but im ok if they don’t so dats why i try to find what i can and why i ask if somebody knows any duelyst channel im checking all of them to see what i could like xD


Tune in for duelyst streamers like @hsuku . Weather it’s Gaunlet Academy or Deck tweaking to S rank, im sure you will get lots of advices from him. If not, then you can watch his previous streams in the Videos tab. Another learning source is the Watch section in duelyst itself. You should Watch Gold or above plays. One thing i can advise you is to try different factions. you will have a better understanding of that faction so that you won’t have a difficult time trying to figure out their next moves, threats and gameplan.


i will give it a try thx :grin:


Mogwai? Does he still play? :thinking:

I find @sonofmakuta videos quite noob friendly but cant rember atm his channels… Apocalyptic squirrel on twith and adam Thomas on youtube maybe? :thinking:


@tacticalgmr is great.


Correct, those are his channels


It seems you are looking for something like what SleepyGiant did, like that.

Am I spelling “that” wrong?


Mogwais stuff is way outdated and he may not be the best fellow to follow in the first place. TM25 and Hsku are solid.

I stream often, although they are not particularly fancy as I have zero editing skills. And I throw up the better streams on you tube on occasion:

For a new player the budget guide video I made would be the most useful:

I also have a lot of tips and tricks written up in my two main threads:


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