(Theorycrafting) Sunriser + Keliano = Infinite damage?


I’m just theorycrafting, so this situation is pretty unlikely to happen.

Suppose you have a sunriser adjacent to the enemy general, and you take over opponent’s Kelaino with Zen’rui. Now you deal one instance of damage to an enemy, whichever it is.

As an enemy unit takes damage, Kelaino is triggered, healing your general by 1. As your general is healed (assume that your health is low enough for this chain to trigger for many times), Sunriser is triggered, dealing 2 damage to the enemy general. As the enemy general takes damage, Kelaino is triggered again, ad infinitum. If this combo works, in the end either the enemy general dies right away, or your general is healed to 25 while inflicting tons of damage to the enemy.

Anyone tried this out before? I’m curious, but I own none of the 3 cards mentioned above.


Nope, it doesn’t work. It only triggers 1 time.
Infinite chains like these are patched.

Same with:

  • Taygete nearby another Taygete: The damage bounce only triggers once.
  • Sunriser nearby a swarm of wraithligs generated by a Bloodmoon Priestess and a Shadow dancer on the board: Sunriser only triggers once.


I’ve always wanted to Zen’rui a Kujata with vanar and have a glacial elemental on board with snow chaser in hand keep redropping the chaser for infinite board clear lol


Oh my, I need to try that


(claryfying what ferenzy wrote)
For each triggered effect the game remembers a chain of events that led to it. It checks if the effect is already present in the chain and if it is, cancells it. Because of this, Sunriser can’t be triggered by Kelaino that was triggered by that Sunriser.


Who needs dance of memes?