Theorycrafting, ion sol neutral burst combo?


The premise is basically play ion, play an attack buff card on it i.e. saberspine/shadow reflection/thumping wave and then follow it up with 1-2 sol on ion. This does require the enemy general to be the nearest target to sol for it to work.

ion (3 mana)
thumping wave (6 mana)
greater foritude (7 mana)
sol (9 mana)
For 18 damage burst on the enemy general.

While it is not as flexable nor goes online as soon as the mirror meld combos, it is basically a “neutral” option for said combo.

Of course like the mirror meld combo you can combo it with cost reduction in the form of abjudicator or flash/dark fire sacrifice.


I guess it could work in a perfect scenario where:

  1. Ion didn’t get removed the turn it was played
  2. enemy general decides to get hit on purpose in order to protect a minion
  3. you have all the needed combo cards to do any kind of significant damage

Sounds a bit too hopeful.


Sol basically gives rush to ion, since sol reactivates ion.


I actually knew that but for some reason I saw the combo as letting it attack first then using Sol for more damage. I’m so used to pets attacking at the start of the turn I forgot they can do it the turn they’re played.

Either way, it’s easier to do when you look at it that way but it’s still 4 cards and 9 mana for 18 damage, plus you also have to run shit cards to pull it off. I don’t see it happening.


Songhai Crimson coil


I have tried 17 different ways to try and make Crimson Coil Battle Pets a thing, and it has never worked…and Sol is like 40x worse. It’s quite possibly the worst card in the set. I’ve never been anything other than pissed to see Sol in my hand, and I’ve literally never over 40+ games had a chance to get it to work.


yea Ion + s.spine + k.edge + crimson coil is workable only with Abjudicator reduction and one mana more than Meld boar and not as reliable because of enemy minions in nearer range.
crimson coil might be good with Rawr? I only have one Rawr so did not test much.


@arananthi So I’m revisiting this thread because I have figured out the best way to do this after so much experimentation with Songhai and crimson coil. I came to the conclusion that the best faction and general for this is starhorn. You basically play survive until turn 8 while you build the combo. You play a lot of removal cards in the deck and work towards the combo while removing your opponent’s threats on curve. With thumping wave, plasma storm, natural selection, egg morph, and flash makantor it’s pretty easy to clear board every turn while chipping away at the opposing generals health and I’ve had a high success rate against Reva in ladder as well as both zirix and sajj as they can’t keep anything on the board. It’s in no way an s tier deck but winning with it is a sure fire way to get tipped as no one expects a OTK from non twinfang starhorn. I’m still playing with the idea of aethermasters in this deck as well. Will post deck list as soon as I can.