[Theorycrafting] Dying Wish Cassyva



Lurking Fear
2 Mana, lower cost of all minions with Dying Wish in your Action Bar and deck by 1.

That’s all you need to know.

Darkfire Sacrifice x3
Daemonic Lure x3
Ephemeral Shroud x3
Gor x3
Jaxi x3
Lurking fear x3
Spectral Blade x2
Dioltas x3
Shadow Sister Kelaino x3
Dark Transformation x2
Reaper of the Nine Moons x3
Rite Of The Undervault x1
Klaxon x2
Vorpal Reaver x2
Spectral Revenant x2
Obliterate x1

Experiemental, WIP. Will post findings.


I’ve tried a few variations of lurking fear decks and it seems to be really draw dependant to get rolling


I run a dying wish swarm deck and I run 2 rites and 2 sojourners. It needs a lot of draw since you could dump your hand even if it’s expensive. I mean after 3 lurking fears you could play 3 vorpal reavers on the same turn


In my variation i used wind shrikes,unsevens and void hunters.
3x Kelaino seems a bit much,and you can get extra draws with the new 1-mana spell which also gives you creep.3xSacrifice and 3xephemerals,are a tad bit much for my tastes.


Even with a deck dedicated to dying wish nobody wants to touch Unseven, which is so bizarre.