[Theorycrafting] Abyssian Ramp?


Darkfire Sacrifice x2
Void Pulse x3
Daemonic Lure x3
Ephemeral Shroud x3
Gloomchaser x3
Healing Mystic x3
Spectral Blade x3
Ritual Banishing x2
Shadow Sister Kelaino x3
Dark Transformation x2
Inquisitor kron x2
Reaper of the Nine Moons x3
Rite Of The Undervault x1
Vorpal Reaver x2
Arcane Devourer x2
Spectral Revenant x2

Should be obvious what I’m aiming for. Any suggestions?







Maybe add Nether summoning? The dark sacrifices might be abundant.


Ramp means to reduce mana (basically); ramp decks want to use either excess mana or mana reduction to hit lategame when the opponent is hitting midgame. Nether Sacrifice does none of that, Darkfire Sacrifice does.


maybe replace healing mystic or gloomchaser with gor for some free sacrifices. then you would have enough dying wish cards to make lurking fear worth playing to help get reaper and reaver out even sooner


I think lurking fear is a very good card if you want to try ramp


I don’t think you need 3 Shrouds (yeah, we’ve got many threats to deal within expansion arrival, I know), because you already have a strong early game and a bunch of removals, so maybe cutting 1 would be great. Also, why are you running BOTH Ritual Banishing AND Dark Transformation? If you intend to play this list with Lilithe, then I don’t see why it would be good to be running both, instead of RB alone. If you intend to play Cassyva, then I guess you can go for DT, since Cassyva doesn’t generate wraithlings as easy as Lilithe does. I would suggest this:

For Lilithe:

Lilithe Blightchaser x1
Darkfire Sacrifice x3
Void Pulse x3
Daemonic Lure x3
Ephemeral Shroud x2
Healing Mystic x3
Primus Fist x3 replacing Gloomchaser x3, since her BBS already fills the “sacrifice ammo” role.
Spectral Blade x2
Ritual Banishing x3
Shadow Sister Kelaino x2 ~> Three is a bit too much for Lilithe, since Cassyva sinergizes better with Kelaino than Lilithe does.
Inquisitor Kron x2
Reaper of the Nine Moons x3 ~> This card is stupid. I don’t use it on any of my lists, but I’m trying to be optimal here, so…
Rite of the Undervault x2 ~> Two Rites are better than just one because you won’t likely draw only one copy. It is there to cycle through the deck in order to get removals, void pulses or the 1 Blood Taura copy.
Vorpal Reaver x2
Arcane Devourer x3
Spectral Revenant x2
Blood Taura x1 ~> Maybe you could fit two of these due to the presence of 3 Devourers, since it would make the ramping much easier.

As for Cassyva, I guess you could just replace Primus Fist x3 with Gloomchaser x3 and Ritual Banishing x3 with Dark Transformation x3.


i think he’s referring to the fact that since you’ll be using sacrifice so much and might not have a wraithling handy, summoning might be a good way to get creatures back. especially since the combo could work as an anti dispel/heal


Maybe try out Grincher? you get a body and a cheap/free artifact :hushed:



stupid blood taura doens’t work with arcane devourer.

I hate my life.




I played ramp the moment shimzar came out, tried out arcane devourer…
And was utterly dissappointed, imo that card is bad. you’d be better off playing another revenant.
Also, you need at least 2 rites imo, and maybe 2 spheres, nice ping and cycle.
3x ritual banishing is better than 2 DT and 2 banishing IMO.

Also nether summoning is quite great, won me quite a few games. Gloomchaser may seem a bit unneccesary. i don’t really like that card outisde of swarm decks


That’s a disappointment :sweat:
I was planning to make such a deck too…


Wait what… but why…

No, seriously, why? Is this a bug?


Report it as a bug.


Darkfire Sacrifice doesn’t work also (w/ Blood Taura).

I want to cry.


It’s not a bug, Blood Taura checks your health at a constant cycle to evaluate its cost, so even if it is lowered by Arcane Devourer it would just check your health total again and readjust. It does not get affected by any cost reduction cards aside from its inherent effect.


the irony is that i made a rampbyssian deck. i was losing against a lyonar deck and i had 2hp. i threw out a blood taura. he was so suprised he emoji’d. then i turned around and won the game


It was changed afterwards then, right? I remember I’ve used Arcane Devourer + Blood Taura combo a lot once Shim’zar came out. Not to mention that before expansion hit, I asked Stomp if said combo was possible. He confirmed it to be real, and it indeed was.