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Theorycraft : Cataclys'Mill'? Help me try this deck

Hello fellow Duelyst.

I have an idea to create a deck (probably gimmicky), the idea is similar to Vanar Mnemovore+Ice age but here we use Exhuming sand tiles to mill.
We try to summon alot of tiles with Vet cards like Arid unmaking, Sickle artifact, Cataclysmic fault, Sandswirl.
Different with Ice age that make you wait for 8mana to get the combo, here if possible you cast Cataclysmic at 6 mana and then at 7 mana, summon Mnemovore which will trigger the tiles and summon iron dervishes. 3 cards milled for every iron dervish.
And if Mnemovore still on board, repeat summon a minion to trigger the tiles again.
Accumulonimbus is also useful for milling and deal damage.

The problem is I really(100times) want to try this deck but i don’t have some of the cards to try it. (The only card i have that can create sand tiles is only Sandswirl) #feelsbad :cry:

Someone who play Vetruvian and have all these cards in the image. Could you please try this? How good is it?


If you have another version of your Vet mill deck or have some suggestion please go ahead.

Thank you for your attention. May the RNG bless you. :innocent:


I think your best bet would be a small modification of this list. Trade out Primus or Sandswhirl for Mnemovore to serve as an awkward back up to Kha and you should be good to go. I may give it a test in the near future, but my gut tells me that Mnemovore will never be more then a meme.


I have tried a Vetruvian mill deck that loooks like this:


It actually had a solid win rate, but that is more do the solid golem package than to Mnemovore. In fact, out of the 3 games wheree I fully milled my opponent I still lost 2 of them and almost lost the third one (One loss was against Brome, it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have any cards left when he has an unstoppable board. Lost №2 was from an aggresive/burn Sajj who happened to be able to finish me off with the last cards in her hand, and I almost lost to a milled Lilithe do to double desolater spam :cry:)

My conclusion is that to make Mnemovore work you need to design your deck in a more control like style, sadly Vet is tied with Abyss for the faction with the worst AoE (Circle of Dessication would actually be a good card here, too bad it rotated out…) and lacks in- faction healing (although this could be solved by using neutrals).

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