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Theory Crafting - SadismNar


I’m bored and can’t get to sleep so I finally decided to take this idea off the shelf.

Basically this is a tournament only deck where the wincon is to tilt your opponent so much that they harass you so you can get them dqed. It’s tournament only but I included Seraphims for chill players who are impossible to tilt and if you want to play this on ladder.

Your main wincon is to abuse Alcuin Fugitive + Hailstone Prison and Malicious Wisp + Mirrorim to annoy your opponent till they harass you. On ladder they are less effective but can cause your opponent to play worse by putting them on tilt or just do their as a solid removal engine and an alright disruption engine but on ladder I would Mirroring Cryptographer to BBS your opponent lots and to guess when you would and wouldn’t have another so they can position optimaly. To add to this.Concealing Shroud is run to give you free turns and Alcuin Loremaster for extra Hailstone and Shroud shenanigans.

If you’re player 2 a turn 2 Glacial Fissure scars your opponent the entire match, making them never keep their general or high value units in the center.

Gravity Well happens to be a card that tends to put people on tilt as well but it’s more so to delay my opponent and as an opener.

Cloud Caller is one of Vanar’s best removal options and works with both Alcuins as well.

Ravager is another removal option.

What I’m currently looking at:

  • Snowchaser: Functions as a faster timer on my opponent if I can’t break them.
  • Crystal Wisp: Lets you get to the endgame faster.
  • Blood Boundmentor: Functions as a faster timer and works with Cryptographer and Cloudcaller.
  • Frostburn: AoE if needed.
  • Wanderer/Nemetown: Added consistentcy.
  • Spirit of the Wild: End game nuke.

Don’t bully plz.


No permafrost to eternally stun your enemy
What about adding enfleebe? It’s a card that usually tilts me, or emp.

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I like Permafrost, will consider others for side-deck.


…Hold on, this isnt Arcanist Faie!

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This is the most meta shit I’ve seen in months.


The Malicious Wisp & Mirrorim engine of my first Vanar deck has been lackluster, I think. I don’t know if it will enrage people but from a resource usage perspective it’s an uphill battle, even with good draw and additional replaces.

Scroll down in my thread for v2 with Nemeton. We should team up.

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God damn it winton!


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This deck has actually good other targets unlike yours. It doesn’t net you any card advantage but I don’t think that is the point…

Did you not read the thread?


I fixed my post too. :roll_eyes:

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I got excited at your possible Nemeton inclusion, sorry.

Are you going to describe the emote strategy?

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I’m developing it.

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Legend says that emoting after a playing a certain combo will make the opponent fall into hypnosis that will force him to concede.


I said well played on my opponent’s turn when I knew I had checkmate cause he couldn’t win and I had reflection so I got him dqed then I played the combo. :wink:


Right, almost forgot. Keep working on it.

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What does Seraph do here? There’s no combo for him. I believe even DragonBone golem would be more useful here.

What don’t I understand?


You have to think not in terms of utility, but in terms of accumulated hate.
I guess the Ghost Seraphim is supposed to evoke Vietnam War-like flashbacks of pure frustration and trigger a rage quit event and torrent of insults?

I don’t know, but maybe epicflygon is in a terminal phase so please get along with this. :slight_smile:


A what now?

@alplod, Seraphim is just a generally good card, no need for combos.


Either this term has more meanings or it is close in our languages.

By terminal phase (at least in my native language) I usually mean a period when latent madness of a person starts dominating him.


Still no idea cause I picked Seraphim cause I wanted to cast more spells late game.

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