The Visibility of Ribbons in The Gauntlet


As wins in The Gauntlet counts towards the faction ribbons it would be greatly appreciated if you could see your opponent’s ribbons just as in ranked. It feels bad to not get recognized for grinding The Gauntlet. I think that because this is (at least seems to be) very easy to implement I see no real issues with this suggestion. I just want to recognize the issue but if you see any problem with the suggestion please feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you!


The ribbons used to show up in gauntlet, so it’s not a matter of implementing, it was a choice by CP to remove them there.


Why did they remove them? Seems odd if you can acquire them in that mode.


I believe it’s for the same reason that you cannot see your opponent’s rank. The goal of gauntlet is for EVERY player to be on an equal playing field, so ribbon or rank intimidation isn’t a factor.


It would be much more intimidating, if it showed how many 12 win runs a player has. :imp:


Except that I’m actually NOT on a level field with a better player. : (


No offense, but doesn’t the better player deserve to win? Ribbons show experience, not necessarily skill.


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