The Vanar Hold - Obvious Vanar deck is obvious


Damn ! Back at it with a decklist ! punches himself for using such a lame and dead meme
So I first made the deck last month, was quite happy with it. At first I entended to make a Control/Wall Vanar build but, let’s just say I only had two wall cards, so I was pretty much screwed.
So I decided to go for a deck that’d be a tad more offense based, while able to keep a decent board control.

Without further a do, here is my deck !

I guess I need to explain, right ? sigh

  • Snow Chaser : Nice card for 1 mana. Plus, when paired with Frostfire, burst is quite good. Basically infinite if not dispelled, killed before it reaches the other side. Always a plus.
  • Crystal Cloaker : Vanar bread’n’butter. Enough said.
  • Ephemeral Shroud : Dispel. Actually good with Kara’s BBS.
  • Hearth Sister : Board control. Ultimate cheese combo with Artic Displacer. Kara can make her somewhat viable stats wise.
  • Fenrir Warmaster : Bread’n’butter. Board presence is quite good. Kara makes it viable ?
  • Wolfraven : I like it. Flying + Infiltrate makes it quite strong. Good for its value.
  • Primus Shieldmaster : A staple in most of my decks. Board control/presence.
  • Artic Displacer : Cheese combo, YAY. Kara can make it a bit tougher so it actually can survive.
  • Frostiva : Wincon. I’m proud of this card. It’s easily one of Vanar’s best cards. I wonder why it isn’t played more. It summons pretty durable minions, has board presence and control, offense and Kara’s support.
  • Draugar Lord : I just put it in for the same reasons as Fenrir. Also, it’s a freaking Legendary ! My second one next to the Vetruvian Anubis thing. Much proud !
  • Flash Freeze : For 0 mana, it’s great. Stun can save your life/win games. 1 damage is a real life saver too.
  • Aspect of the Fox : Control. Can save your life if there’s, say, a Blood Taura or any kind of enormous threat.
  • Chromatic Cold : Dispel. 2 damage. What else do you need ?
  • Frostfire : Damaaaaaage. Nice synergy with the Vespyrs I can summon.
  • Snowpiercer : +3 damage is really good. The only artifact I have.

The main point of this deck is to be able to handle most situations, by providing you ways to counter most if not all threats while packing a punch thanks to Kara’s BBS or spamming relatively low cost cards. Or just omelette du fromage your way to victory with Artic Displacer and Hearth Sister.
My main tactic is just to destroy all enemy minions or dispel them while attacking the enemy General. Simple but efficient. Keep in mind though I never left Silver. Don’t take me too seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

Any feedback is appreciated ! As long as you don’t sell it for 10 bucks ! If you ever use this deck or any sort of variant, let me know how it goes, curious to know how it’ll fare :smiley:

Oh gosh, I have class tomorrow, why am I up and writing this ? Meh, screw my life.


Why not use tigers? They’re one of if not the best card to benefit from Kara’s bbs


The tigers ! Of course. I never thought about it. That’s why.

EDIT : Thought about it and maybe I could replace the chasers by Tigers. I’ll give it a go.


Quite a lot of spells for a Kara deck… in general I try to keep her decks minion-heavy, so that your BBS always has plenty of stuff to buff.

Also, card draw might become a problem? Have you considered a Spelljammer, some Sojourners, or Blazehounds?


I don’t have any of those :confused: I could remove one of each spells maybe ?