The unofficial Munch text suggestion thread


Yeah. Very similar but better



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We did it reddit

You did it forum dudes!

(It got changed, hopefully more clear than before? Still room for improvement, but it’s a start)


Hey, that’s really fantastic! Listening to our community feedback is a small thing, but I believe it was useful to improve the card text and give credit to all the passionate players of this game.

Thanks :wink:


Also, can we fix the use of summon(ed) with from action bar if its ever like that?


IDK what else was changed, @alplod pointed out that Resonance Scythe was also updated (sneaky wording department!)


Might be a decent tech card for Faie if Stunnedenemy becomes particularly meta-relevent.

Spacing nitpicks aside, both text updates are big improvements.


Our card generator has always had issues with Bold formatting.

Rest assured, there’s no spacing issues in-game


Huh. That’s odd. But good to know, thanks.