The UMadBro Waltz


I felt bad, because this was the most beautiful topdeck of all time. And I got the Songhai ribbon right after this game. 100% worth it.


Nonsense like this is what I do not like about Duelyst. In every card game one can get lucky or not so lucky starting hands and if the stars align one can have very explosive openings when playing an aggressive deck, however I never played any card game with such extreme early game tempo plays as Duelyst. Literally playing the entire hand on turn 1 and putting three big threads on the board is just insanely broken.


vanar laughs at this opener with cheap removal


Well, depends. How many Chromatic/Ravager you usually get in your starting hand and then keep when going first?

My point is, is putting your opponent into an answer-or-die situation on turn 1 really good for the game? Yes it is an all-in play and it can theoretically go completely wrong but either way the game will be decided very quickly - either you have an answer or you have lost. Considering there already is not a small group of players who feel that the games are too quick and the meta too fast is that really something that makes the game better?


in hearthstone you can win from one hp when the enemy has full hp in one turn thanks to rng soooo


and how common is it to get a hand like this? once in a blue moon is your answer


These are two completely different things. You are thinking about some late game combo OTK plays. This is a turn 1 all-in answer-or-die play.


If this were my game and I saw a video like that, I’d be pretty disturbed. While “dream hands” can happen in any card game, they happen far too often for my liking in Duelyst, especially with certain factions.

Really though, what I mostly felt while watching that video was admiration for your opponent, for sticking it out and trying to win despite knowing he likely had no chance.


it’s not an otk combo lol. it’s literally one card in hearthstone that can win them the game


idk what your luck is but this rarely happens. a god hand like this where you can play everything turn 1 and they’re a big threat because they got buffed.


Based on what I see here, on Reddit and on Discord, it’s not that rare.


True. I usually just shrug, laugh and hit the concede button. Lopsided games like these feel like a waste of my time.

Whatever. Point is it is not something that happens on turn 1.

I see it more often than I like to. Not this extreme, but there are a lot of games that I feel are decided mainly by an extremely good starting hand either for you or your opponent. More so in Duelyst than in other card games I have played. But if we cannot agree on the actual probability on it happening can we at least agree that in a perfect game it should not happen at all? Or is that something you think it fun and should be possble?


The opening hand wasn’t so broken, considering I had 0 cards and no chance of recovering hand afterwards. I just barely managed to replace into the two cards I needed to close out the game while he was building a crazy board state, so it wasn’t so much a god opening as it was the stars aligning in my favor on the following two turns. :slight_smile:


Your opponent had a good hand too and was pretty lucky on turn 2 that he could kill one of the Gorehorns by buffing the dervish twice, then develop his board with the Pax and even gobble up two mana tiles in the process. Very good turn for him and without that it would have been an easy win for you. Unfortunately for him you got more lucky.


Opponent made several fatal misplays here.

  1. Backing up against the wall on T2 would’ve been a much smarter idea since OP had dumped his entire hand and likely had no use for the mana tiles.
  2. Should’ve placed Pax behind him. This is avoid-getting-backstabbed 101.
  3. Should’ve prioritized Gore Horn (bigger threat) over the Katara and used a minion/his obelisk to block the Katara’s path. (This would’ve prevented lethal as well)

OP got really good draws, yes, but it was not an unpreventable loss for the Vet player here.


Totaly agree, people complain to often about losing for good openings but, generaly they lose because they don’t actualy make great plays, they usually make “good” plays :wink:


True, and even it is intimidating to see that, @thefirstgokun literally dumped his hand.

I find fox + inner into face damage + vortex + phoenix fire into your turn 1 play a lot more powerful … A LOT


He needed to play Pax on the mana tile so he could get the mana to buff up the dervish with First Wish and kill the Gorehorn.


Well, I don’t think it shouldn’t be possible, both for the fact that it should, and what it being impossible would have as a consequence. If seemingly lopsided games couldn’t unfold, then it would speak to the predictability of the game as a whole, which is far, far less healthy than any probabilistic anomaly could ever be. The fact of the matter is that those probabilistic anomalies are the reason we play the game, and we intrinsically accept the outliers for the sake of the bell curve.

As an aside, the phrase “god hand” bothers me quite a bit; there isn’t really anything you can do in most games that is unbeatable as the phrase is meant to imply. Honestly, the only example I can think of of a game with a wholly unbeatable strategy is tic-tac-toe. Modern games just aren’t built that way; hell, there’s even a workaround for the encounter with Seath in dark souls where you’re supposed to die. In this game in particular, losing to something that appears unbeatable can be traced back from the turn you lost probably as far as the deckbuilding stage. It’s just that people prefer to shift blame from themselves to something else, rather than be introspective.


I agree that variance it necessary otherwise games become to predictable. Also it is a challenge for the players to deal with suboptimal hands. So I agree that it needs to stay, but I just wish that there was some way to cut of these tails at both ends of that bell curve because these games are not very interesting for the most part. Compared to other TCGs I played it seems to me that Duelyst has a very large variance and I think it would be good for the game to identify those cards responsible for the outliers and modify them to tighten up that variance a bit.